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July 1, 2016
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The COG Podcast

COG PodcastsPodcasts are a way for COG members and staff to connect with the public on a variety of topics important to the National Capital Region. The audio recordings feature the COG Board Chairman as well as other COG members and staff. Podcasts are advertised with press releases and available for use by radio stations.

The views expressed in podcast episodes are solely the opinions of the interviewees and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) or the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB).

For questions about the podcasts, please contact COG's Office of Public Affairs.

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    Foster Care in Metropolitan Washington: 2011 COG members and staff discuss COG’s Child Welfare Program, give an overview of achievements in foster care in the region over the past year and their goals for the coming year.

  • Foster Care in Metropolitan Washington: 2011

  • One Region, Moving Forward: Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney talks about Region Forward, traffic, energy, jobs, the regional divide, Metro, and government corruption at "One Region, Moving Forward," COG's 2010 Annual Membership Luncheon. McCartney then challenges the region's leaders to reject defeatist attitudes and work to build an exceptional, inclusive metro Washington region to serve as a model to the country and the world.
  • Robert McCartney at One Region, Moving Forward

  • Excerpt: Robert McCartney on Region Forward

  • Adoption and Foster Care Series: Three episodes feature discussions on child welfare in the metropolitan Washington region (11/1/10):

    • Renette Oklewicz, Director of Foundation Programs at the Freddie Mac Foundation. Oklewicz discusses the upcoming Adoption Expo and the motivation behind the Freddie Mac Foundation’s focus on adoption. Listen to and/or download episode.

    • Kamilah Bunn, Manager of COG’s Child Welfare Program, provides a brief overview of adoption and foster care and discusses COG’s role in both areas. Listen to and/or download episode.

    • Gerson Paniagua, Chair of COG’s Foster Care Committee and Parent Resource Recruiter for Arlington County, and Kamilah Bunn give an overview of achievements in foster care in the region over the past year and a summary of their goals for the future. Listen to and/or download episode.

    Car Free Day 2010: National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB) members discuss their participation in Car Free Day 2010 and what they're doing to make it easier to get around the region without a car.

  • Harriet Tregoning, Director, D.C. Office of Planning

  • Gabe Klein, Director, D.C. Department of Transportation

  • Patrick Wojahn, College Park City Council Member

  • Michael C. May, Prince William County Supervisor

  • A Conversation on Regional Transportation Priorities: TPB Chairman Dave Snyder and COG's Transportation Planning Director Ron Kirby discuss the present state of the region's transportation system, the short- and long- term challenges it faces, and ways to mitigate those challenges. (6/17/10)

  • Part One 9:44

  • Part Two 9:10

  • Be Street Smart : COG's Michael Farrell discusses pedestrian and cyclist safety, the Street Smart program, and its spring media campaign. (3/25/10)

    MP3 Version 10:15

    Census 2010: A Complete Count for the Region: Following a roundtable at COG on overcoming challenges in reaching hard-to-count populations, such as the Latino community, Arlington County Board Member Walter Tejada and COG's Director of Community Planning Paul DesJardin discuss the importance of getting an accurate and complete count of the region's population in Census 2010. (3/15/10)

    MP3 Version 10:58

    Building a Stronger, More Resilient Workforce: Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille, Chair of COG’s Workforce Development Task Force, and Martha Ross, Deputy Director of Greater Washington Research at Brookings, discuss Closing the Gaps to Build the Region, a report aimed at improving workforce development in the metropolitan Washington region. (1/14/10)

    MP3 Version 10:53

    Moving the Region Forward: A five-part series on Region Forward, COG’s Guide to Future Planning and Commitment to Action for the National Capital Region. Region Forward is the culmination of the work by the Greater Washington 2050 Coalition.

    Part one provides an introduction and background information about the report. Parts two through five of the series feature an in-depth look at the four primary sections of Region Forward. (11/3/09)

    A Discussion about the Past and Future of Foster Parenting in the Region. Emma Marshall and Gerson Paniagua, former and current Chairs of COG's Foster Care Advisory Committee, respectively, discuss the past, present, and future of foster parenting in the metropolitan Washington region. (10/22/09)

    MP3 Version 8:20

    Car Free Day 2009. Nick Ramfos, Director of Commuter Connections discusses Car Free Day 2009. This is the second year the metropolitan Washington region has participated in the international celebration of auto independence. (9/16/09)

    MP3 Version 2:42

    Harriet Tregoning Discusses TPB's Regional Priority Bus Network Proposal. Harriet Tregoning, Director of the D.C. Office of Planning and Chair of the Transportation Planning Board (TPB)'s Scenario Study Task Force, discusses the Priority Bus Network proposal being developed by the TPB, which will be submitted for consideration for stimulus funding. (7/16/09)

    MP3 Version 9:52

    COG Board Chairman's Address: Chesapeake Bay & Water Quality Issues. COG Board Chairman Penny Gross discusses the successes and remaining challenges in improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay and looks to the future of the largest estuary in the United States. (7/7/09)

    MP3 Version 6:39

    Community Health Status Indicators for the Washington Region. With approximately five million residents, the metropolitan Washington region is one of the most populous and diverse regions in the country. How healthy are those five million people? A new report shows dramatic health disparities throughout the region. Dr. Kelly Woodward of the Alexandria Health Department discusses the findings and implications of the report. (6/29/09)

    MP3 Version 4:10

    Employer Recognition Awards. Nick Ramfos, Director of Commuter Connections discusses the 2009 Employer Recognition Awards, an annual event honoring employers in the region that promote alternatives to drive-alone commuting. Ramfos discusses this year's winning employers, and why there were chosen. (6/23/09)

    MP3 Version 7:41

    COG Board Chairman's Address: Foster Parent Appreciation Gala. COG Board Chairman Penny Gross discusses the 2009 Metropolitan Washington Foster Parent Appreciation Gala, as well as the role that COG and local governments can play in recruiting and retaining foster parents. (6/11/09)

    MP3 Version 5:24

    Bike to Work Day 2009. Eric Gilliland and Henry Mesias from the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) discuss Bike to Work Day 2009, being held on Friday, May 15. Bike to Work Day is co-sponsored by Commuter Connections and WABA. (5/07/09)

    MP3 Version 4:44

    Opening Remarks at Press Conference on Recent Measles Exposure in Region. Dr. Reuben Varghese, Chairman of the COG Health Officials Committee and Public Health Director for Arlington County delivers opening remarks at an April 20, 2009 press conference hosted by COG on recent exposures throughout the region. (4/20/09)

    MP3 Version 3:48

    Researchers Discuss the Metropolitan Washington Region's Approach to the Stimulus. At the COG Board of Directors' meeting on March 11, Amy Liu, Deputy Director of Greater Washington Research at Brookings, and Margery Turner, Director of Research at The Urban Institute, discussed ways in which the metropolitan Washington region can maximize the value of federal stimulus funds. (3/16/09)

    MP3 Version 22:03

    COG Board Chairman's Address: Green Affordable Housing Forum. COG Board Chairman Penny Gross speaks about the Green Affordable Housing Forum, an event co-sponsored by COG that focused on how local governments, nonprofits, and individuals in the metropolitan Washington area can work together to help solve two major problems facing the region - the need to build green in light of global climate change, and the area's lack of affordable housing. (3/12/09)

    MP3 Version 5:11

    The Enumeration: An Annual Survey of the Region's Homeless Population. Michael Ferrell, Executive Director of the D.C. Coalition for the Homeless and Chair of COG’s Homeless Services Committee discusses the annual enumeration of the region’s homeless population and the impact of the current economic situation on the homeless. (2/19/09)

    MP3 Version 5:55

    Go Recycle: Workplace Recycling. Alan Pultyniewicz, Recycling Coordinator for Montgomery County, discusses the Go Recycle Campaign organized by the COG Recycling Committee. Pultyniewicz explains why workplace recycling is important to the region and how citizens can initiate an effort at their workplace. (1/15/09)

    MP3 Version 6:07

    Accessible Transportation in Metropolitan Washington. Tim Lovain, Alexandria City Councilmember, Member of the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board, and Chair of the TPB Human Service Transportation Coordination Task Force, discusses making transportation more accessible for people with disabilities, senior citizens and low-income communities. (12/18/08)

    MP3 Version 5:47

    2008 COG Annual Luncheon Keynote Speech on the Economy. Steven Pearlstein, Washington Post Business Columnist, spoke about the economic crisis, its impact on the metropolitan Washington region, and the key investments needed for long-term success. (12/10/08)

    MP3 Version 35:46

    COG Board Chairman's Address: Nine Key Issues in '09. COG Board Chair Michael Knapp forecasted the top issues facing the region in 2009 at the COG Annual Luncheon and urged area leaders to work through COG to collaborate closely with the new Obama administration on issues like economic development, transportation and climate change. (12/10/08)

    MP3 Version 7:34

    Greater Washington 2050: Thinking About the Future. During a day-long workshop organized by Greater Washington 2050 on November 20, 2008, an expert panel discusses how economic developments, technological innovations, and climate change can affect the future of the National Capital Region. Workshop attendees included a number of area elected officials, as well as civic and business leaders. (11/24/08)

    • Dave Robertson, Executive Director of COG,
    • Sharon Bulova, Chair of Greater Washington 2050 and Vice-Chair of Fairfax County Board of Supervisors,
    • Harriet Tregoning, Director of the D.C. Office of Planning,
    • Kojo Nnamdi, host of The Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU 88.5 FM,
    • Alice Rivlin, Senior Fellow at the Economic Studies Program at the Brookings Institute,
    • William Halal, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology & Innovation at George Washington University,
    • Anna Motschenbacher, Solutions Fellow at the Pew Center of Global Climate Change

    [Part 1 of 2] MP3 Version 47:46

    [Part 2 of 2] MP3 Version 46:57

    Finding Loving Homes for Area Foster Children. Kamilah Bunn, COG's Wednesday’s Child Coordinator, discusses the adoption program and the various ways citizens can get involved in order to help area foster children. (11/20/08)

    MP3 Version 9:01

    AAC (MPEG-4) Version 9:01

    COG Board Chairman's Address: Climate Change Report. COG Board Chair Michael Knapp discusses the National Capital Region Climate Change Report, which was adopted by the COG Board on November 12, 2008. (11/12/08)

      MP3 Version 4:43

      AAC (MPEG-4) Version 4:43

      Anacostia Watershed Restoration: Tree Planting Event. John Galli and Brian LeCouteur of COG's Department of Environmental Programs discuss Anacostia Watershed Restoration efforts during a tree planting at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center on November 1, 2008. (11/11/08)

      MP3 Version 20:12

      AAC (MPEG-4) Version 20:12

      Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae's Charitable Giving. COG Executive Director Dave Robertson discusses the importance of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae's charitable giving to the National Capital Region and the COG Board resolution urging federal regulators to continue the programs. (10/14/08)

      MP3 Version 3:36

      COG Board Chairman's Address: Metro Dedicated Funding. COG Board Chair Michael Knapp praises the U.S. Senate's passage of dedicating funding measure for Metro, which COG identified as a top regional priority. (10/8/08)

      MP3 Version 1:55

      AAC (MPEG-4) Version 1:55

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