new Projects

At its February 20, 2008 meeting, the TPB approved a set of project inputs for the 2008 CLRP and FY 2009-2014 TIP. On July 16, the Board approved a FY 2009-2014 TIP which excluded those projects approved by the TPB in February that were either dependent on funding from the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) or required a new air quality conformity determination. A new air quality conformity analysis has been conducted for the 2008 CLRP and the amended FY 2009-2014 TIP with the NVTA funded projects delayed or removed, but with all other projects approved by the TPB in February included.

Three new projects and significant changes to two projects currently in the Constrained Long-Range Transportation Plan (CLRP) shown below were added to the 2008 CLRP. These projects are considered to be "regionally significant." For a comprehensive listing of new projects and changes to exising projects, please review the 2008 CLRP Air Quality Conformity Inputs.

Significant Additions to the CLRP


1. Access to Ft. Belvoir Engineer Proving Ground (EPG): I-95 and Fairfax County Parkway (BRAC)

Two projects have been proposed to meet expected demand at the Fort Belvoir EPG due to the Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC) act.

  • I-95 Access to Fort Belvoir includes the following improvements:
    • Widen the existing ramp from southbound I-95 to the Fairfax County Parkway and EPG southern loop road with an additional barrier-separated lane, providing dedicated access to the EPG for DOD personnel only.
    • A new reversible, single-lane approach bridge from the northbound HOV/Bus/HOT lanes to the EPG’s southern loop road.  This connection will provide access from the northbound I-95 HOV lanes in the morning.  In the evening, access will reverse to the northbound I-95 general purpose lanes and the southbound HOV lanes.

    • Complete:       2011, 2013
    • Cost:               $28.8 million
    • Source:           Federal funding  
  •  Fairfax County Parkway Access to Fort Belvoir
    • A one-lane ramp from the EPG Access Road to northbound Fairfax County Parkway and a two-lane ramp from the Access Road to southbound Fairfax County Parkway. The proposed ramps will connect to the proposed interchange at Rolling Road, which is already included in the CLRP.

    • Complete:       2011
    • Cost:               $6.8 million
    • Source:           Federal funding

See the CLRP Project Description Form for more information.

2.  Columbia Pike Streetcar
     From Skyline to Pentagon City

map of Columbia Pike Streetcar

Design, construct and operate a streetcar system running approximately 4.7 miles between Pentagon City in Arlington County and Skyline in Fairfax County.  For most of the route, streetcars will travel in mixed traffic.

  • Length:           4.7 miles
  • Complete:       2016
  • Cost:               $138.5 million
  • Source:           State and local funding

See CLRP Project Description Form for more information.

3.  Fairfax Connector Service Transit Development Plan

Increase bus service on priority routes and purchase 35 new Fairfax Connector buses. Expand the West Ox Bus Operations Facility to accommodate new buses and increased service.  Also includes bus stop access and safety improvements identified as part of the Bus Stop Inventory and Safety Study.

  • Complete:       2011
  • Cost:               $91.9
  • Source:           Local funding

See CLRP Project Description Form for more information.

Significant Changes to the CLRP


4.  I-495 Capital Beltway HOV-HOT  Lanes

map of 495 hot lanes

The 14 mile stretch of HOV-HOT Lanes on the Capital Beltway between Backlick Road and Old Dominion Drive is scheduled to be complete in 2013.  The following changes have been proposed for the Capital Beltway HOT-HOV Lanes Project, as shown in the figure on the following page:

  1. The northern terminus of the HOT lanes will extend 2 lanes from Georgetown Pike to the American Legion Bridge.  These were previously planned as HOV lanes to be complete in 2015 and are now proposed as HOT lanes to be complete in 2030.
    A 4 lane stretch of HOT lanes from Georgetown Pike (193) to Old Dominion Drive will be complete in 2030 instead of 2013.
  2. The southern terminus of the HOT lanes has been extended to include 2 HOT lanes from the Hemming Avenue underpass to one mile east of the I-95/395/495 Interchange. This segment is scheduled to be completed by 2013.
  3. One additional general purpose auxiliary lane from Georgetown Pike to the Hemming Avenue underpass will be added in each direction to connect the on-ramps and off-ramps between interchanges.
  4. Auxiliary lanes will be added on eastbound and westbound I-66 between the I-495 interchange and Cedar Lane (see accompanying CLRP description Form for details).
  5. Two new interchanges are planned at the westbound Jones Branch Connector and the westbound WestPark Connector.
  6. Planned HOT lane interchanges at the Dulles toll Road, VA 7, I-66, Gallows Road, Braddock Road and I-95/395 will be modified (see accompanying CLRP Description Form for details).
  7. A planned HOT lane interchange at VA 123 is being removed from the project scope.
  • Length:           14 miles
  • Complete:       2013, 2030
  • Cost:               $1.619 billion
  • Source:           Federal, state, private and bond funding

See CLRP Project Description Form for more information.


5.  I-95/395 HOV-HOT-Bus Lanes       Transit Plan Revisions

The Transit Plan for the I-95/395 HOT Lanes project has been revised to reflect the results of the Transit/Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Study conducted by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public transportation (DRPT) and the Technical Advisory Committee. The following significant changes have been proposed for the Transit Plan.  Full details can be found in Attachment A to the accompanying CLRP Description Form).

The Transit/TDM plan’s cost and revenue estimates has been revised from $390 million to $298 million to reflect the revised transit investment strategy for the corridor.

  • Earlier capital investments of $76 million revised to $137 million to reflect increased investment into transit facilities
  • Earlier operating revenues of $314 million revised to $161 million to reflect revised service plan, service duration and fare box recover

Greater level of improvement/investment into transit facilities.

  • 4 new BRT stations along the corridor
  • Improvements at 4 VRE stations – platform extension and overnight storage
  • 9 new or enhanced TDM initiatives
  • 3,750 park and ride spaces in addition to the 3,000 proposed earlier
  • 3 new/improved transit centers instead of 1 bus maintenance facility
  • 76 new buses and 6 VRE rail cars instead of 184 new buses

See CLRP Project Description Form for more information.