The FY 2009-2014 Transportation Improvement Program

The FY 2009-2014 TIP was approved by the TPB at their meeting on November 19, 2008.

Preparatory work on the 2008 CLRP and FY 2009-2014 TIP began in the fall 2007.
However, in February 2008, nine days after the TPB approved the major projects
submitted for inclusion in the air quality conformity assessment for the CLRP and TIP
with Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) funded projects, the Virginia Supreme Court declared that the taxing ability of the NVTA was unconstitutional. The TPB decided to proceeded with two versions of the draft 2008 CLRP and TIP (with and without NVTA funded projects), and the related conformity assessments.

In June, two versions of the CLRP and TIP were released for public comment. Because the special session of the Virginia General Assembly did not act to restore the NVTA funding for the projects in the 2008 CLRP and TIP, the TPB on July 16 approved a TIP without NVTA funded projects. Without the NVTA funding, the TPB did not adopt the 2008 CLRP and the full FY 2009 -2014 TIP since certain projects were delayed or removed entirely.

Between July and October, a new air quality conformity analysis was conducted for the
2008 CLRP and the amended FY 2009-2014 TIP with the NVTA funded projects delayed or removed, but with all other projects approved by the TPB in February included. This conformity analysis, plan and TIP were approved by the TPB on November 19, 2008.

The FY 2009-2014 TIP is available to download as a complete document (2.3 MB), or in sections as provided below.

Capital Improvement Tables