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April 1, 2015
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What's Happening in the
Department of Environmental Programs

2014 Climate and Energy Leadership Award Recipients Announced

October 2014 - The COG Board of Directors recognized 2014 award winners for projects, programs or policy initiatives that help achieve the regional goals identified in the Climate, Energy and Environment Policy Committee’s 2013- 2016 Climate and Energy Action Plan. Visit the awards page for more information and a list of award recipients.

Report on Climate Resiliency Released

September 2014 - From fall 2013 to spring 2014, NCPC, GSA, NASA, MWCOG, US Global Change Research Program, and the Smithsonian Institution sponsored two series of webinars and workshops to assist with climate adaptation planning and improve regional coordination. View the project report and supporting material.

Climate Change Impacts Report Released

July 2013 - To improve regional understanding of climate change impacts, COG staff has released the Summary of Potential Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerabilities, and Adaptation Strategies in the Metropolitan Washington Region.

Landmark Regional Wastewater Agreement

May 2013 - Leaders announced a landmark agreement to support the world’s largest advanced wastewater treatment plant, the Blue Plains plant in Washington, D.C.  The pact ensures service for 2 million area residents and 18 million annual visitors, cleaner rivers and a healthier Chesapeake Bay, and also supports regional growth and development for the next 40 years. The Council of Governments assisted in the development of the agreement and will support area leaders with its implementation.

America Recycles Day

November 2014 - America Recycles Day is November 15. Local governments will celebrate with events and contests. The Council of Governments sponsors a regional prize contest as well. Learn more on the America Recycles Day page.

Stephen Walz Named Council of Governments’ Director of Environmental Programs

March 2014 – Walz served as the Director of Virginia’s Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy during the administration of Gov. Timothy Kaine and was the former governor’s energy policy advisor. He currently serves as the Director of Regional Energy Planning for the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC.) He also is widely recognized for his work on water quality, air quality, climate, waste disposal and open space issues.

Climate and Energy Plan Approved

May 2013 – The Climate, Energy, and Environment Policy Committee approved the 2013-2016 Climate and Energy Action Plan.  The plan puts forth 59 recommended actions for local governments to achieve the region’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 20% below 2005 levels by 2020. Recommendations are aimed at reducing the carbon impact of the built environment, energy, and transportation sectors while increasing resiliency and improving education and outreach.

Electric Vehicle Report

October 2012 - COG's Electric Vehicles in Metropolitan Washington report focuses on how to establish a regional readiness plan for the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs).

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

May 2012 - COG is working with EPA on a Smart Growth Implementation Assistance Award to plan and develop local government guidelines for adapting to risks from climate change. Visit the information page.

Plastic Bag Report Update

November 2012 - The Washington region has become a national leader in single-use carryout bag management.  During the last three years, two large local jurisdictions have passed bag-fee laws making the area nationally unique in its application of fees to limit use of both paper and plastic bags.  This Plastic Bag Report Update reviews recent local and national developments.

Overview of the Department of Environmental Programs

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