Ped safety workshop


Thanks to all who could attend our Pedestrian Safety Workshop on April 29th, 2008. Here are the speaker's powerpoints from the event. To view each speaker's own powerpoint, please click on his or her name.

If you are experiencing any problems downloading any of the material, please contact Timothy Sharma by email or @ 202-962-3775.

To view the flip chart page from the final session please click here

Morning Breakout Sessions 10:00-11:00 AM 

Young Pedestrians: Children and Youth School Patrols Safe Routes to School

Joe Pelaia, MDOT
Jennifer Hefferan, DDOT

Joe Beddick, AAA
Chris Wells, Fairfax
Murrow Room

Distracted Driving: Cell Phones, Weather, Alcohol, MP3 Players, etc.
Mary McAndrew, Design House
Diane Wigle, NHTSA
John Townsend, AAA
White Room

Intersection & Bus Stop Design
Jeff Dunckel, Ride On
Bill Schultheiss, Toole Design Group
Yolanda Takesian, Kittelson
Dan Nabors, VHB
First Amendment Room

Working with the Media, including Traffic Reporters and Hispanic Media
Dr. Gridlock (Robert Thomson)
John Undeland, Strat@comm
Esther Bowring, Montgomery County
Kim Propeack, CASA de Maryland


Enforcement of Red Lights and Speed
Mike Kline, Fairfax PD
Bob Medairos, Arlington PD
Ron Smith, Montgomery PD
Lisagor Room


Buses and Other Large Vehicles: Transit and School Buses, and Trucks,
John Matthews, Montgomery Schools
Odell Carter, WMATA
Taft Kelly, Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Kelley Pecheux, SAIC
East Ballroom

Understanding Pedestrian Behavior
Jim McAndrew, Design House
John Wetmore, Perils for Pedestrians
John Fegan
Stephanie Yanovitz MDOT
West Ballroom

Encouraging Walking
Nick Jackson, Toole Design Group
Cheryl Cort, Coalition for Smarter Growth
Charlie Denny, Alta
Wendy Klancher, MWCOG
Holeman Lounge


Afternoon Breakout Sessions 1:05-2:05 PM

George Branyan, DDOT
Bob Medairos Arlington PD
Michael Geraci, NHTSA
John Townsend, AAA
Holeman Lounge
Nick Jackson, TGD.
Lauren Hassel, Arlington
Kim Propeack, CASA
Diane Wigle, NHTSA
White, Murrow Lisagor
Bill Schultheiss, TGD
Larry Marcus, ATCS-PLC
Tamara Redmon, FHWA
Dan Nabors, VHB
First Amendment Lounge

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