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June 29, 2016
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Column: Obama's stimulus package, one year later: Too much quick fix; too little long-term infrastructure

Report: Stimulus spending on track but may be hard to keep pace

Stimulus Spending Hits $272 Billion—34 Percent of Total

Stimulus created 600,000 jobs at the end of 2009, White House says

Senate Democrats eye $80B jobs package

McDonnell cobbles together $50 million to pay for jobs plan

Maryland, D.C. win stimulus grant for green jobs training

Web site shows multiple errors in Va. stimulus money

Putting the Stimulus to Work in Six Cities

Infrastructure Spending's Thin Gruel Gets Thinner

O'Malley announces stimulus money to clear DNA backlogs

Gloves Up! It’s Stimulus, Round 2

Thousands of Stimulus Reports Missing, Resulting in Potential Undercount of Jobs Created

Stimulus Spending Hits 30 Percent

Metro IT Money Unspent

Staff Shortages Stymie Effort to Spend Stimulus Funds on Energy

Stimulus-Jobs Tally in Doubt

Breaking Ground: The economic-stimulus bill's funding for public projects and energy efficiency will likely be the only ray of sunshine for the construction industry for the near future.

No Loudoun businesses apply for stimulus funds

States' pitches shaping up for stimulus funds for schools

A Two-Sided Stimulus Story in One Dimension

Stimulus to Reward States That Overhaul School Systems

Maryland is tops at tracking stimulus spending

White House Tally Appears to Overstate Stimulus Jobs

Education jobs boost connected to stimulus

Stimulus Fueled Much of Expansion

White House: Data Likely to Credit Stimulus for 650,000 Jobs

O'Malley touts stimulus benefits

New stimulus reports correct early errors

'Smart' Stimulus

Stimulus Powers Wind Power Industry

Prince George's gets $400M in stimulus funds: Will help avoid layoffs

The Science of Spending Stimulus Money Wisely

Stimulus Report Card: Grade N/A

Job Program Found to Miss Many States That Need It Most

30,000 Stimulus Jobs, Many in D.C. Area, Reported

Report Card Due on Stimulus: Data to Provide Clues on Job Creation, Though Few Details

In N.Va., Roadwork Is Adding to the Disease, Not the Cure

Virginia spends millions on Prince William Parkway

Va. lags in spending stimulus money for roads

Blog: Where’s the Beef? ARRA infrastructure investment lacking

Poll Finds Americans Not Seeing Stimulus Impact

The Stimulus Paradox

GOP blasts Kaine on slow stimulus spending on roads

Stimulus Transportation Spending Lags Predictions

Stimulus takes detour around ailing metropolitan areas

D.C. to create green jobs with stimulus

To Count New Stimulus Jobs, Help Wanted: Measures of the Impact of Government Spending Dramatically Differ and Rely on the Construction of Alternate Realities

Grant to Launch a Thousand Cabs, Build Fueling Stations for Propane

Regional Planners Eye Stimulus Dollars For Bus Transit Improvements

White House Reports Stimulus Saved One Million Jobs

Md. gets $30 million for transportation projects

Implementing ARRA—Partnerships for Stimulus Performance

Blog: Transportation Lessons from the Stimulus

Underneath the Hood of the Stimulus

Stimulus money to help disabled children

Va. gets $112M in public housing funds

U.S. Economy Gets Lift From Stimulus

Implementing ARRA--Another Way to Gauge Stimulus Success

Loudoun, Leesburg to Get Grants: Funds to Aid Energy Conservation Plans

States Seek Slice of Rail Funding

Maryland secures $5.9M for hybrid trucks

Va gets $8.6M in clean cities grants

Two Firms Seek Federal Help for Internet in Western Loudoun

Stimulus Funds Are Schools' Stopgap

Column: Could the Recovery Act Help Reinvent Government?

Md. Jurisdictions Seek Funds for Broadband Boost: $100 Million Requested From Stimulus Pool

D.C. considers luring new residents with cash

Two Northern Virginia Transit Agencies Get $14 Million From Stimulus

Column: Too Soon for A Stimulus Verdict

Pace of stimulus spending plummets

Column: Stay the Stimulus Course

Stimulus Funds Bring Relief to States, but What About 2010?

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, educational kingmaker

Economists See a Limited Boost From Stimulus

Critics charge plenty of waste in local stimulus projects

Stimulus Slow to Flow to Infrastructure

D.C. gets $8M to help residents weatherize homes

Stimulus helps Virginia hold tuition rise to 5%

States, Cities Spend for Stimulus Cash

Va. Wants Federal Funds for High-Speed Rail

Va high speed rail advocates have high hopes

Column: Fifty Ways to Kill Recovery

Federal officials: Businesses underbidding for stimulus projects

Pepco seeks $254M in stimulus money

$260 Million Earmarked For Va. Roads, Interchange

$1B in stimulus money includes Fairfax Co. Parkway funding

Charter Schools Gain in Stimulus Scramble

Biden Fires Back At Stimulus Critics: Administration Says Act Is Working

Smart Growth America President Geoff Anderson discusses the 120-day stimulus report (Video)

Counties Spend to Revitalize Communities: Federal Funding Gives Hope to Foreclosed Properties' Neighbors, Aspiring Homeowners

Cities Lose Out on Road Funds From Federal Stimulus

Stimulus to Aid State Budget Gaps

Falls Church to request $30 million in stimulus funds to go green

Flow of Stimulus Funds Slightly Exceeds Forecast

Power of Stimulus Slow to Take Hold: Joblessness Blunts Recovery Plan

Is a Stimulus Sequel in the Offing?

D.C. and Md. spend stimulus bucks better than Va.

Rail Spending Applauded; Overall Maintenance Booed

Kaine administration: Virginia crime programs to get $33.8M in grants

Va. to get stimulus money for home energy upgrades

Mayors complain about stimulus spending

Falls Church Mulls Federal Grant Pitch to Become 'Green Laboratory'

Va. Is Last State to Request Stimulus Funds for Roads

Work begins on nation's largest mass transit project

Spending Stimulus Money Takes Money

Metro looking to update outdated bus garages

Metro receives first $17M in stimulus money

Obama Presses Cabinet to Speed Stimulus Spending

Obama promises more than 600,000 stimulus jobs

Alexandria to pitch for early education funds

Foul-ups cost D.C. stimulus cash

Lack of records threatens Baltimore stimulus money

Flu Fears Spur a Stimulus Debate

Maryland Gets Stimulus Money for Clean Water Projects (Video)

Kaine: $38 million in stimulus funds allotted for Va. child care programs

The Spending Trickle

D.C. receives nearly $90 million in stimulus funds

Tracking Stimulus Spending May Not Be as Easy as Promised

California, Florida Top List to Secure High-Speed-Rail Funds

Arlington expecting nearly $20 million in stimulus funds

Md. Town's Bid for Economic Stimulus Starts a Fight

Despite Stimulus Funds, States to Cut More Jobs

Rural bridges first in line for stimulus funds

Cities Cry Foul on Stimulus Cash

D.C. works to secure more federal stimulus money

Arlington Seeks Stimulus Funds for Columbia Pike, ART Service

Schools chiefs unite for stimulus funds

Fairfax County Parkway Extension Roadblocks Removed

Without Superfund Tax, Stimulus Aids Cleanups

Maryland to get $26.5 million in stimulus grants

U.S. May Raise Cap on Grants for High-Tech Power Grid

States in need not first in line for stimulus

Stimulus Confusion Frustrates Business

Interior Department announces $55M for National Mall repairs

Monumental Repair Work Funded for $76.8 Million

Feds to spend $300M on alternative energy

Locals seeking stimulus cash for new bus network

Obama Marks 2,000th Stimulus-Funded Transit Project

$8B in stimulus funds to go toward high-speed rail

Energy spending could be engine for job growth

Metro Makes Plans to Improve Aging Transportation System

The Potential of the Economic Stimulus Package to Address Health Inequality

Broadband Stimulus Funds Up for Grabs

Obama Extols Stimulus Spending

State Highway Projects Draw Low Bids

Metropolitan Washington COG launches stimulus information site

Column: Stimulus Opening Doors in Health Care IT

Schools 'Money Is Falling Off the Truck': Local, State Budget Woes Chip Away at Federal Dollars Aimed at Reform

Editorial: Cold Calculators: Virginia's let-'em-eat-cake Republicans spurn a stimulus and stiff the jobless.

MARC stations to get $6M in tracking system upgrades

Kaine Irate After Rejection of Stimulus Funds

More Bang for the Stimulus Buck as Firms Clamber for Contracts

Two aging dams in Va. to be rehabilitated

Stimulus Plan Puts a Premium On Laid-Off Workers' Patience

It's Not All Bad News for Smithsonian

Metro Potential in ARRA: An Early Assessment

N.Va. Snubbed in First Round of Road Funding

Opinion: ARRA on the Ground

GSA Stimulus List: $1.2B for D.C.

Big Share of GSA Project Funding to Stay in City

In a Down Time Everywhere Else, K Street Bustles

Wealthiest school districts get little stimulus funding

Fed stimulus seen as ‘down payment’ on smart growth

Commentary: Eric Cantor's Bike Sharing Opposition

Kaine ‘inclined’ to change law on stimulus-funded jobless benefits

In a Down Time Everywhere Else, K Street Bustles

Wealthiest school districts get little stimulus funding

Fed stimulus seen as ‘down payment’ on smart growth

Commentary: Eric Cantor's Bike Sharing Opposition

Kaine ‘inclined’ to change law on stimulus-funded jobless benefits

Fairfax housing authority to Get $2.3M

BWI gets $15 million FAA grant

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