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The TPB's pilot project to provide wheelchair accessible taxi service in the District of Columbia has begun. Yellow and Royal cab are now offering service with new Toyota Sienna modified minivans.

Yellow Cab: (202) 544-1213

Royal Cab: (202) 398-0500

Please see the User's Guide for some tips to make your trip easier. Scroll down for FAQs! There are only 20 ramp-equipped minivans in service. Please book trips in advance (1 or 2 hours before the trip if possible)and remember there may be a 30 minute wait-time. Please don't call both cab companies for the same trip.

Your feedback is important! Contact us about your experience with a trip:
Phone: 202-962-3207

Check out pictures from a recent vehicle demonstration!

Frequently Asked Questionsabout D.C. Accessible Taxi Service

When and how did the new accessible taxi service start?

Wheelchair accessible taxi service was introduced in D.C. in January 2010.  The service is a pilot project, funded through the Federal Transit Administration, the D.C. Taxicab Commission (DCTC), and two local taxi companies.  Twenty (20) ramp-equipped, ADA-compliant mini-vans were purchased, and the two participating taxi companies placed the vans into taxi service after their drivers received special training for the service.

The pilot project is overseen by the Transportation Planning Board (TPB) through the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.

Who can use the service? 

Individuals who use wheelchairs or scooters and cannot use traditional taxi sedans.  Some individuals who use manual wheelchairs can use a traditional taxi sedan by transferring to the sedan seat.  These individuals may prefer to continue using traditional taxi sedans as they may receive service more quickly because there are many more taxi sedans than wheelchair accessible taxi vehicles.

How can I get a trip on a wheelchair accessible taxi vehicle?

Call one of the two taxi companies participating in the pilot:

Royal Taxi 202-398-0500 or


Yellow Taxi 202-544-1213 or

If you call one company and their wheelchair taxis are busy, that company will transfer your trip request to the other company.

Do I have to reserve this service in advance?
It is recommended that you reserve a trip at least an hour or two in advance because there are a limited number of wheelchair accessible taxis.  You may also reserve your trip up to a week in advance.

What are the service hours?

24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

What type of service is it?

D.C.’s accessible taxi service operates like traditional taxi service, providing curb-to-curb service.  The taxi driver will help you get in and out of the vehicle if needed.  If you need help beyond this, you may want to bring someone else along to assist you.

What areas or cities are served?

The accessible taxis serve all parts of D.C. – both trip origins and destinations.  And they can take you to any destination outside of D.C. 
Can I use this service to get to and from the local airports?

  • For trips TO Reagan National, Dulles and BWI from D.C.:

Contact one of the two companies –
Royal Taxi 202-398-0500 or Yellow Taxi 202-544-1213   

  • For trips FROM the airports to D.C.:
    • From Reagan National – There are two options:
  • Pre-arrange your pick-up with Royal or Yellow.
  • The taxi dispatcher at the airport can help you arrange for a wheelchair accessible taxi for your trip.
    • From Dulles and BWI - Both Dulles and BWI have their own wheelchair accessible taxis to serve trips from the airports.  It is recommended that you call ahead to let the dispatcher know when you will need an accessible taxi.
  • BWI Airport Taxi: (410) 859-1100
  • Washington Flyer (Dulles) Taxi: 703-572-TAXI

What information should I provide when requesting the service?

When you call to request a trip on an accessible taxi, tell the call-taker:

  • that you will need an accessible taxi,
  • your pick-up and drop-off information, and
  • any additional information or special instructions that will help the driver find your pick-up location.

Please be aware that the accessible taxis are designed for standard-sized power wheelchairs and standard-size scooters.  Oversize wheelchairs and scooters cannot be transported!

And remember to choose a pick-up location where you can access the street, with either a curb-cut or driveway, and where the driver can lower the ramp.  Since the vehicle’s ramp is positioned at the rear of the vehicle, you must board the taxi from the street level.

What are the rates or special charges for this service?

The rates for accessible taxi service are the same as for traditional taxi service; there is no extra charge for the accessible taxi.  Rates are regulated by the DCTC.  Information can be found at

How do I pay for my fare?

You can pay with cash or by credit card.  Yellow also offers a re-loadable, prepaid “CabCard” that can be used to pay for trips; please refer to for more information.

Can other passengers travel with me on the accessible taxi?

Yes, the accessible taxi vehicles can fit 3 to 4 additional passengers beyond the person using a wheelchair.  According to the regulated D.C. taxi fares, extra charges apply when traveling with additional passengers six years of age and older.

How can I assist the driver in preparing for the trip?

Come out to the taxi vehicle as soon as it arrives at your pick-up location.  If you need help getting in and out of the vehicle, ask the driver for assistance, and be specific about the type of help you need.  The driver will then know how best to help you. 

What if I find I do not need the accessible taxi that I reserved?

Call the taxi company and cancel your trip.  Don’t be a no-show!  No-shows waste the limited resources of the accessible taxi service and may prevent another person who needs accessible service from receiving a trip.

What if I have comments, compliments or complaints?

Contact us! We value your input. Your options are: