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April 16, 2014
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What's Happening In Transportation

Federal "Transportation Alternatives" Dollars Helping to Advance Regional Priorities

For the second year in a row, the Transportation Planning Board will select a number of local capital improvement projects throughout the Washington region to receive funding under the federal "Transportation Alternatives" program. more...

Read past issues of "TPB Weekly Report" at mwcog.org/tpbweeklyreport.

FOR PUBLIC COMMENT: Draft Project Submissions for the 2014 CLRP Update

On March 13, the TPB released the list of projects proposed to be added or change in the 2014 update to the region's Constrained Long-Range Transportation Plan (CLRP) as well as the draft scope of work for the Air Quality Conformity Analysis. The comment period will close on Saturday, April 12, and the TPB will vote on April 16 to include the projects in the federally required Air Quality Conformity Analysis.

The following matterials are available for review and comment:

Comment on the proposed updates.

DDOT Briefs the TPB on the "moveDC" Strategic Vision Plan for Transportation

In March, Colleen Hawkinson, of the District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT), briefed the TPB on DDOT’s "moveDC" strategic vision plan for transportation.

TPB Approves Regional Transportation Priorities Plan

After more than three years of work, the TPB on January 15 approved the Regional Transportation Priorities Plan, a document that identifies strategies with the greatest potential to respond to the region's most significant transportation challenges. Find the full plan, summary presentations of the plan, and more by visiting the Priorities Plan webpage.

Analysis of 2013 CLRP Shows Growing Roadway and Transit Congestion

Regional growth in population and employment between now and 2040 will continue to strain the Washington region's transportation network and cause increased congestion on roadways and transit, according to the results of a detailed performance analysis of the most recent update to the CLRP.

COG Launches Search for New Transportation Planning Director
Director Department of Transportation Planning Recruitment Profile

The Council of Governments has kicked off its search for the next Director of Transportation Planning. COG is looking for an expert, forward-thinking leader who's up to the challenge of guiding regional transportation planning in the National Capital Region.

Read the full job description at: www.mwcog.org/DTPdirectorsearch

TPB Work Programs for FY2015 Approved

At its meeting on March 19, the TPB approved the annual work programs and budgets for the TPB and for the TPB’s Commuter Connections program for FY 2015, which starts July 1.

TPB Approves Regional Green Streets Policy

On February 19, the TPB approved the Green Streets Policy for the National Capital Region encouraging local jurisdictions to adopt policies calling for the use of Green Streets techniques to manage stormwater runoff from roadways and other transportation facilities.

"Place + Opportunity" Provides Toolkit for Strengthening Activity Centers

At its January meeting, the COG Board of Directors approved "Place+ Opportunity," a report outlining strategies for strengthening the region's Activity Centers. On February 19, COG staff briefed the TPB on the report and its connection to the Regional Transportation Priorities Plan.

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May 2008


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