What is Visualize 2045?

A new kind of long-range transportation plan

Visualize 2045 is a new kind of long-range transportation plan for the National Capital Region. It will show the projects and improvements the region’s transportation agencies are planning through 2045—both what they can afford now and what they would build if they had more funding.

Multimodal solutions for a complex, growing region

The plan will focus on regionally significant road and transit projects, but will also highlight bicycle and pedestrian projects and key land-use issues facing the region. The plan will take a multimodal approach, relying not on any one travel mode to accommodate future population growth and address the region’s diverse transportation challenges.

A tool for visualizing the region’s future

The plan will show all of the projects currently being planned in the region and how those projects will affect future travel patterns and conditions. In doing so, the plan will paint a picture of where the region’s current planning and funding decisions will get us. The aim is to help elected leaders, regional planners, and the public better understand the kinds of decisions we need to make today to realize a more desirable transportation future.