What’s in the plan?

More than 1,000 regionally significant projects and programs

Visualize 2045 isn’t finished yet. But when it is, it will include more than 1,000 regionally significant road and transit projects currently being planned by transportation agencies throughout our region. It will also include hundreds more planned bicycle and pedestrian projects, as well as regional programs aimed at reducing congestion, improving air quality, and more.

To be included in Visualize 2045, most projects will have to be “regionally significant,” meaning that they add or remove capacity from the existing transportation system, require significant financial resources, contribute meaningfully to key regional transportation goals, or have some other regionally significant impact.

Some projects are funded, others aren’t yet

  • "Funded" projects: Visualize 2045 will include more than 500 projects for which funding is “reasonably expected to be available.” In the past, these projects were included in the Constrained Long-Range Transportation Plan, also known as the CLRP, which was developed in accordance with federal requirements related to air quality and financial constraint, among others.
  • "Unfunded" projects: Visualize 2045 will also include another 500-plus projects that appear in local, state, and regional plans but for which funding has not yet been identified. A special TPB task force is working to identify a limited set of unfunded priority projects to highlight and work together to find funding for so that they might eventually be included in the “funded” portion of the plan.

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