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Proposed Amendment to the FY 2017-2022 TIP

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The District Department of Transportation (DDOT). has requested an amendment to update projects and funding in the District section of the FY 2017-2022 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The TPB is seeking comments on the draft TIP amendment through November 11, 2017. The TPB will be asked to approve this amendment at its November 15 meeting.

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The deadline for comments is 11:59 P.M. ET on Saturday, November 11, 2017.

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Comments Received on the Off-Cycle Amendment to the 2016 CLRP

Use the searchable form below to review comments received on the proposed off-cycle CLRP amendment and air quality conformity analysis.

TPB Comment - 2017 Off-Cycle CLRP Amendment AQCA Submissions

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Other Regional Transportation IssueBarbaraWayneSterlingVirginia20165Northern/Western Potomac River bridgeNo file uploaded.
Please remove the outer Potomac River bridge from your long range planning list. There are many answers to your question, "Why not just study it?". First, it's been studied many times and never proven to reduce current or projected traffic volumes. In fact, it does just the opposite. Rather than take traffic off the roads, it will add tens of thousands of trips as the MD agricultural reserve is built out. Second, the bridge proponents (2030 Group) are intent on changing the outcome of studies this time by voting to emphasize certain criteria exclusively (congestion?) and refusing to pay for analyses of individual projects and include induced traffic in the data. So, the results will be as biased as the comments sections of websites for which they are paying people to monitor and alter. Third, it WILL NEVER help evacuate DC. I shall not even bother to explain. Look at a map. This region cannot afford this "developer's dream". We all will pay for it, forever.
Other Regional Transportation IssueFletcherWilliamsSterlingVirginia20165BRIDGE STUDY IN LOUDOUN COUNTYNo file uploaded.
Please stop wasting our money on "Bridge Studies" that you erroneously claim will benefit the residents of Loudoun County. The only "benefit" will be for the bottom line of the COMPANIES in the cargo and land development industries. Oh, and people driving between Fairfax and Montgomery Counties. See how none one of these contributes to the quality of life of the FAMILIES in our county? If you actually care, focus on the viability of the Silver Line? How about another TUNNEL under the river to increase volume for the Silver/Orange/Blue lines who share track space? How about widening the Cabot John Bridge and improving the connections to the various Parkways near the point of the actual congestion?
Other Regional Transportation IssueBroad Run Civic OrganizationRussellMcDowSterlingVirginia20165New Potomac River BridgeNo file uploaded.
If this project was an effort to ease congestion @ the beltway and Northern Virginia, then a highway and bridge from the origin to the terminus would make sense.... just NO exit ramps!!! Otherwise follow the dark money and the same pathetic insulting arguments put forth during the past 25 years of development in Loudoun County. NO BRIDGE!!!
An IndividualOther Regional Transportation IssueJuliePooleySterlingVirginia20165No file uploaded.
Please remove reference to another bridge crossing in Loudoun county. Our roads can't handle the induced traffic that it will cause! Please focus instead on improving existing roads and adding more transit options.
An IndividualOther Regional Transportation IssuenoneJonathanEricksonSterlingVirginia20165143No file uploaded.
143000 cars a day by 2040 is the NVTA number. These cars would ruin eastern Loudoun and encroach on the Transition zone and western Loudoun. We will oppose any entity and politician or candidate that promotes a bridge in eastern Loudoun county. The negative plus the cost far outweigh any benefit. Almost every politician is against the bridge except for Minchew, LaRock and the BoS. Come election time we will work in other districts whether they are republican or democrat if they support a bridge, tirelessly!
An IndividualOther Regional Transportation IssueDianaBenditSterlingVirginia20165Vote no to a northern Potomac bridge crossingNo file uploaded.
A new bridge in Loudoun county will not relieve congestion elsewhere, it is simply an opening for developers to build more sprawling suburbs that will funnel into Virginia's already congested corridors (Rt 28, Rt 7 & Rt 267) on their way to jobs in McLean/Tysons and points east of Loudoun. Every study done has shown there is not demand for another bridge in this area. Please say no to developers and yes to quality of life for citizens. thank you, ~D Diana Bendit
An IndividualOther Regional Transportation IssueRickBaconSterlingVirginia20165Northern Potomac River bridge crossingNo file uploaded.
Your Long Range Task Force is artificially setting up your analyses to favor the Northern Bridge. They are adding sweeteners to get TPB votes that will be easily and quickly abandoned. The Express Bus service will be discontinued once the bridge is built, in favor of lowering tolls. It will not be a parkway, but a funnel to direct massive amounts of cut-through vehicle traffic through Loudoun. Most of that traffic will be new; induced courtesy of the happy developers who cash in on building out the MD ag reserve. The land use assumption in the technical spec is ludicrously low. The environmental impacts will be horrific. Once you put this disaster on the plan, the ball is rolling. You won’t be able to stop it, and we all will suffer the consequences. Please fund metro and other projects on your constrained list that reduce vehicle miles, get cars off the roads and help our transportation system. Please don’t allow this 1960s era developer’s dream to compete for much needed funds.
An IndividualOther Regional Transportation IssueWilliamSchraderSterlingVirginia20165No Bridge in Loudoun CountyNo file uploaded.
The County of Loudoun, VA and Montgomery, MD do not benefit from have a bridge built for the "outer beltway". That $10 billion or so would be better spent improving the current beltway traffic flow in some way. If a new bridge is built across the Potomac it will pull truck traffic away from the main north=south pathway and, in the process, spread urban sprawl to western Loudoun and western Montgomery County. Please Loudoun Board of Supervisors and MCOG, think more carefully before making judgements like this that serve a very small fraction of the population (developers) and damage the lives of so many.
An IndividualOther Regional Transportation IssueBritaKrissSterlingVirginia20165Loudoun County BridgeNo file uploaded.
Please end further discussion and planning regarding another Loudoun County bridge over the Potomac River. We are already dealing with nightmarish traffic that has come along with rapid growth. NO BRIDGE!
An IndividualOther Regional Transportation IssueNO BRIDGE IN LOUDOUN COUNTYnarinderghumanSterlingVirginia20165NO BRIDGE IN LOUDOUN COUNTYNo file uploaded.
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