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An IndividualI-270 Innovative Congestion Management ProjectKarenYoungFrederickMarylandFrederickI-270 Innovative Congestion Management ProjectNo file uploaded.
This project is imperative to the economic prosperity of our region! It is currently one of the most congested roads in the country. In order to support regional economic strength and open Frederick and Montgomery markets to expansion, this project MUST be expedited!
An IndividualI-270 Innovative Congestion Management ProjectBen BellFrederickMaryland21704270 SolutionsNo file uploaded.
I read on WTOP the leading ideas for addressing the issue of congestion on 270. The primary issue is the congestion between Frederick and Clarksburg. This is the only stretch of 270 that is congested on the weekends (yes, it's bad on the weekends too). And it happens consistently. In the mornings, the southbound lanes are the first to become congested. In the afternoon the northbound lanes are first. The most significant traffic accidents occur in this stretch. The only solution is to add two additional lanes in each direction. There are very few "major" interstates in Maryland that only hanger two lanes. It's sad that no one wants to recognize this reality.
An IndividualI-270 Innovative Congestion Management ProjectEricVan TolGaithersburgMaryland20878I270 Traffic ReliefNo file uploaded.
As a daily driver on I270, I must say that one way to relieve some of the congestion and make I270 *safer* is to eliminate the local lanes. Their design makes literally no sense. Take the entrance ramps from I370 heading southbound. Cars will attempt to cross two full lanes of traffic immediately upon getting into the I270 local lane, while cars in the local lane are trying to exit onto the Shady Grove exit. It causes too much braking, backups, and near accidents when cars going 50MPH or more are all trying to cross each other's lanes at the same time. This causes backups for miles - all it takes is one person hitting their brakes to cause a chain reaction. The same thing happens northbound at the Shady Grove entrance ramps. Cars attempt to cross the lanes to get to the express lanes while at the same time, cars exiting are trying to get to the I370 exit. It's a mess. Local lanes are stupid and pointless. It won't solve the problems, but it will help.
An IndividualI-270 Innovative Congestion Management ProjectKelseySmithRockvilleMaryland20850I-270 Dos and Don'tsNo file uploaded.
As a life time Montgomery County resident and vehicle owner who commutes daily, I ask only that you do not add toll lanes to 270. These class-tiered transportation methods do not relieve traffic, they only allow those who can pay to get home quicker. Additionally, studies show that adding lanes to major roads doesn't reduce congestion, it only encouraged more people to drive and move into the area. It's a temporary fix. So I am in favor of the plan to manage on-ramps and have better, digital signage. But a better, long term fix would be to develop public transit lanes, make the bus system amazing and easy. Anything to encourage people to ditch their cars. If you add capacity, people will always fill it. But if you give us the best transit in the world, we will use it and reduce damage on the roads, the environment, and our free time. Thank you.
An IndividualI-270 Innovative Congestion Management ProjectMichaelKimRockvilleMaryland20850MD's lack of progress on addressing roadsNo file uploaded.
We NEED more lanes and roads, plain and simple. Look what VA has done with 495 and their HOV/toll lanes; we need to expand our portion of 495 and 270 to support more cars; its plain and simple. MD's approach of reducing the # of cars and increasing shared transportation options is not working. The state is years behind the curve; if we don't attempt to catch up now, we'll be left behind. We need the following: 1 - HOT/toll lanes for 495 2 - HOT/toll lanes for 270 3 - modification of ICC tolls to support ride sharing(HOV3+) 4 - approval to build additional crossing/bridge over the Potomac river
An IndividualI-270 Innovative Congestion Management ProjectSamanthaBakerFrederickMaryland21704I270 traffic No file uploaded.
I'm writing today to comment on the proposal to ease congestion on I270 in Maryland. I am not impressed by the proposal and don't think that the suggestions will ease congestion on this busy road. I do agree increasing the size of acceleration lanes may reduce accidents but the purpose of this project is to reduce congestion. I commute from Urbana to Rockville daily. My husband commutes to Arlington. I believe the current proposals won’t work because there are several new communities being built in Frederick County along the I270 and 15 corridors. This adds thousands of cars to the road every year. Local leaders in Frederick are in denial about the impact these new communities have on the infrastructure. No one can afford to live in Urbana, Lansdowne or any of the newer communities being built unless they are independently wealthy or they work in DC, Rockville or northern Virginia. There are very few jobs in Frederick County (or Washington County) that pay a salary that
An IndividualI-270 Innovative Congestion Management ProjectRicBlackmanFrederickMaryland21703270 CongestionNo file uploaded.
#1 - a third travel MUST be extended all the way to Frederick. It doesn't take a high school education to look at daily congestion maps to see where the bottleneck is for the main through-way. #2 - HOT lanes is nothing more than a money grab on behalf of the state it will NOT resolve traffic woes. Extending on-ramps is a minor improvement as is the improvement of truck scales. Variable speeds?? Smooth my expectations?? Really? My expectation was for you to expand the lanes on 270 and you've failed for 20 years. You think the population north of Rockville is stagnant? USE COMMON SENSE. #3 - I think Hogan has done a good job thus far, but Berliner is right - the proposals are not well thought out and don't offer an metrics on improvement. That BS comment from Chasse has no place in improving the quality of life for Marylanders forced to travel I270.
An IndividualI-270 Innovative Congestion Management ProjectMikeDyeGaMaryland20878Bigger Issue than just I-270No file uploaded.
Hello, I wanted to pass along a comment that the problem with the I-270 corridor is more than just I-270 itself. I drive to Northern Virginia every day for work, and I find that the biggest problem is on the Beltway itself. In the mornings, I-270 can be the bigger problem, but in the afternoons, it can sometimes take me as long as an hour to get from Virginia Route 7 to the I-270 entrance. What is happening to fix the beltway itself, and it's part in the congestion on I-270? The breakdown lanes on the beltway between the American Legion bridge and I-270 are huge. I would love to see a new HOV lane that is only open during rush hour opened in that breakdown lane, and I think that the congestion on the beltway would be greatly improved. Perhaps with cooperation of Virginia, we could have that breakdown lane open all the way from Route 7, across the bridge and into Maryland. It's the constant lane changing and jockeying for position that makes the traffic worse.
An IndividualI-270 Innovative Congestion Management ProjectSBakerFrederickMaryland21704No file uploaded.
My family commutes from Urbana to Rockville & Arlington respectively. I believe the current proposal won’t work. There are several new communities in Frederick County along the I270 and 15. This adds thousands of cars to the road every year. Frederick leadership is in denial about the impact these communities have on roads. No one can afford to live in Urbana, Lansdowne unless they are independently wealthy or work in DC, Rockville or northern Virginia. Very few jobs North of Frederick County pay a salary that allow persons to live in the new communities. I agree more lanes aren’t always the solution but acknowledge its not possible to relieve traffic on 270 without adding a lane north of Clarksburg. I270 needs at least 3 lanes leading to Route 15 in Frederick. Another way to ease congestion on I270 would be enforce traffic laws which include slower traffic traveling to the right and perhaps using variable speed limits. Driver frustration leads to accidents and congestion.
An IndividualI-270 Innovative Congestion Management ProjectBarretWesselHyattsvilleMaryland20783MARC better investment than I-270No file uploaded.
Having read the CLRP amendment for this $105 million expansion of I-270, I have to say it looks like a misguided waste of money that moves Maryland in the wrong direction. These funds would be far better spent upgrading MARC Brunswick Line service along virtually the same corridor, through to Point of Rocks, as outlined in the plan submitted by the Action Committee for Transit. I am one of many Marylanders who not only depend on public transportation, we prefer it. Younger generations are increasingly choosing public transportation options where they are available because they are safer, more sustainable, more affordable, and the riding time can be used productively. People do not look fondly on the prospect of spending hundreds or thousands of hours a year dealing with traffic, and the I-270 proposal hasn't shown that it will cut this time. The state needs to continue to invest in an efficient and interconnected public transportation network, and it should use these funds to do so.
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