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Car Free Day – Free Registration is Now Open!Commuters, Residents, and Students ready to take the Pledge to go Car Free or Car-Lite on September 22

Aug 8, 2014

Washington D.C. — Celebrate with millions worldwide by going Car Free or “Car-Lite” on Monday, September 22nd -- The Commuter Connections Car Free Day website is now live and commuters, residents, and students can take a pledge today to show support for reduced traffic congestion and cleaner air in the Washington metropolitan region, while being automatically entered in drawings for great prizes such as a Kindle Fire, and more!

Commuter Connections, a regional commuter transportation network coordinated by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, organizes the annual event in connection with World Car Free Day. Participants can qualify for prize drawings whether they go Car Free or opt to go Car Lite by sharing the ride to make more efficient use of their cars.

“Car Free Day is a call to action in the Washington metropolitan region, and around the globe, to make a positive impact by using transit, sharing the ride, bicycling, walking, or working from home instead of driving alone,” said Nicholas Ramfos, Commuter Connections Director. “The idea behind Car Free Day is to raise awareness of environmentally-friendly transportation options that reduce the carbon footprint worldwide,” added Ramfos.

Information on travel options and ridematching for commuters and travelers is available at the Commuter Connections website. Site visitors can set up a free account and request a ridematch, make carpooling plans, and learn about other transportation opportunities to decrease the number of single-occupant vehicles on the road and congestion around the Washington metropolitan region.

Stay up to date on Car Free Day Metro DC on Facebook and Twitter. Promote the event using #CarFreeDayDC2014

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