Long-Range Plan Task Force

Task Force Activities

The TPB’s Long-Range Plan Task Force has been working to identify a limited set of regionally significant projects, programs, and policies above and beyond what is in the current Constrained Long-Range Transportation Plan (CLRP). The task force identified ten initiatives, which are combinations of projects, policies and programs, that have the potential to make better progress toward achieving the goals laid out in TPB and COG governing documents. The task force developed a process by which the TPB will make a final selection from among these for concerted TPB action in 2018 and beyond. The task force determined that five of the ten initiatives have the greatest potential to help the region reach its transportation goals, and will be recommending that the TPB endorse these five initiatives for inclusion in the aspirational element of Visualize 2045 and for future concerted action.

Full TPB Resolution Establishing Task Force Mission, Tasks and Membership

Amendment clarifying the Long-Range Plan Task Force activities

Resolution Accepting the Ten Initiatives to be Analyzed

Task Force’s Recommendations to the TPB

Resolution endorsing initiatives recommended by the Long-Range Plan Task Force

Executive Summary and Detailed Technical Report - An Assessment of Regional Initiatives for the National Capital Region (DRAFT) 


Task Force Membership

A total of 18 individuals serve on the Long-Range Plan Task Force: the three TPB officers; nine local officials (three each from Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia); one representative of each state-level department of transportation and WMATA; and one member each from the TPB Citizens Advisory Committee and the TPB Access for All Advisory Committee.