Multi-Sector Working Group

The Metropolitan Washington Air Quality Committee (MWAQC), the Climate, Energy and Environment Policy Committee (CEEPC), and the Transportation Planning Board (TPB) have requested the establishment of a Multi-Sector Working Group (MSWG) to support the recommendations and key goals of the National Capital Region Climate Change Report and work of the Region Forward Coalition. The working group will be charged with:

  1. Identifying viable, implementable local, regional, and state actions in each of the four sectors (Energy, Transportation, Land Use, and the Built Environment).
  2. Quantifying benefits, costs, and implementation timeframes.
  3. Jointly developing an action plan for the region.
  4. Exploring specific greenhouse gas emission reduction goals, measures and/or targets, along with reductions in criteria pollutants as a co-benefit, for the four sectors.

The composition of the MSWG will include transportation, land use planning, and energy/environmental professionals from COG’s member jurisdictions. The MSWG will provide regular updates to the COG Board of Directors, MWAQC, CEEPC, and TPB.

Membership List:

For additional questions or comments, please contact:

Energy & Environmental, Jeff King, 202-962-3238
Energy & Environment Subgroup Documents

Transportation, Daivamani Sivasailam, 202-962-3226
Transportation & Land Use Subgroup Documents

Land Use, Greg Goodwin, 202-962-3274
Land Use Subgroup Documents (merged with Transportation after February, 2015)

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