Traveler Information Subcommittee

Staff Contact: Andrew Meese - (202) 962-3789

The Traveler Information Subcommittee advises the Management, Operations, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (MOITS) Policy  Task Force and MOITS Technical Subcommittee on Internet or telephone-based traveler information services in the Metropolitan Washington region.

The region coordinates its traveler information activities with the activities of our partners at the States of Maryland and Virginia, the District of Columbia, and the I-95 Corridor Coalition. Activities include a website that has been launched, accessible at, which uses real-time vehicle probe data to allow long-distance travelers to see congestion and get travel times on the I-95 Corridor. The website is a cooperative venture of the I-95 Corridor Coalition and the U.S. Department of Transportation. The TPB is a member of the I-95 Corridor Coalition.

TPB staff also examines the topic of traveler information through the region's Congestion Management Process (CMP). See

The Traveler Information Subcommittee is currently inactive. The topic is covered within the meetings of the main MOITS Technical Subcommittee.