Wednesday's Child


Every week, Wednesday’s Child features children who are waiting in foster care to be adopted or success stories of families who have adopted from foster care. Hosted by Barbara Harrison of NBC4 Washington, the television segments highlight each child’s special personality and interests.

Wednesday’s Child airs Wednesdays during the 5:00 P.M. news on NBC4, Thursdays during the 11:00 A.M. news, and Sundays during the 9:00 A.M. news. Hundreds of children in the region have found an adoptive family after appearing on Wednesday’s Child. 

You may tab through the photo gallery above to see the children or consult the table below and click on a child's name to learn more information. Each page has a link to the child's video segment.

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Child Details
Picture Name Birth Year
Alexander_small Alexander 2004
Allyson_small Allyson 1998
Brianna_small Brianna 1999
Caleb_264A8608-2_10.24.2016 Caleb 2002
Dajour_small Dajour 2003
DaShawnWeb_rotate DaShawn 2004
Davon_small Davon 1999
Deon_small Deon 2004
Donald_small Donald 2004
Duquar Duquar 2001
EricR Eric R. 2000
Gevonta_small Gevonta 1997
Isaiah_small Isaiah 2002
Isiah_small Isiah 2001
Jaden_small Jaden 2010
Jeremiah_small Jeremiah 2002
Jerimyah_small Jerimyah 2002
Jimmy_small Jimmy 2000
Joshua_small Joshua 2001
Lashard_small Lashard 1999
lizzie2 Lizzie 2004
Rodney_small Rodney 1996
Seth_small Seth 2012
Shanecia_small Shanecia 2001
Terrence_small Terrance 2008
Tyler_small Tyler 1998
Zavier_small Zavier 2005