Davon is a charismatic and inquisitive young man who LOVES to learn, especially archaeology and history. His knowledge of skulls and bone structures has sparked his interest in becoming a paleontologist (one who studies fossils).

Davon is a well-rounded child with many interests. When he’s not learning the names of new bones, he participates in activities such as basketball, baseball, computers, and drawing.

Davon comes from a large family. Being the middle child, he has an observant quality that will lend well to his future aspirations in paleontology. He is also quite comfortable with other siblings, especially children older than him. He has been a tremendous advocate for his birth siblings. He would like to continue to stay in touch with his siblings after his adoption.

Davon is a great helper at home, and works hard to follow rules. Social workers are seeking a couple that will welcome Davon into their home, and treat him as a part of the family. The ideal parents will be patient, and can relate to the curiosity of a younger child.

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Name Davon
Birth Year 1999
Race African American
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin MD


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