Although shy at first, it took Dechell a bit of time to warm up to those around her at her Wednesday’s Child taping. She was laughing and chatting with everyone, soon after her drumming lesson with Joseph Carroll, percussion professor at the George Washington University, began .

Dechell loves all things artistic, and despite having no previous experience, she caught on quickly during her drumming lesson. Dechell was extremely focused and attentive during her lesson, learning all that she could from Joseph Carroll. She was incredibly polite, and loved joking around. Dechell says that one day, she would like to become a pediatrician, and with her good natured and bright personality, she would certainly be adored by children.

Dechell’s favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz because just like Dorothy, she believes that "there’s no place like home". Dechell brings a positive energy wherever she goes. Dechell’s social worker is looking for a licensed or unlicensed single female that could encourage her creative abilities and fulfill Dechell’s dream of finding a loving forever home.

Video from NBC4

Name Dechell
Birth Year 1998
Race African American
Status active
Gender Female
State of Origin DC


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