Isiah is extremely easy to talk to, probably because he is so well read! This twelve year old enjoys nothing more than to dive into a good book.

Isiah recently read about the Underground Railroad, just completed the Harry Potter series, and is now seeking books about famous African American sports heroes. Besides books, like most tweens, Isiah can spend hours playing video games or tossing around a football outside. His favorite team is the Steelers, and during down times, he likes to sit on the couch to watch the Steelers play.

Isiah does well in school. He took an elective course on Chinese, and can now say the basics of that language. He hopes to continue to learn more about Chinese culture when he starts high school in a few years or maybe he'll read up on it on his own.

What's not to love about this great student and avid reader, Isiah; a "sweetheart," as he is affectionately known by his social worker, who has been hoping for the perfect permanent home for some time now. Social workers believe Isiah would benefit from a two-parent home with older children. He wants to emulate his older siblings by pursuing college someday.

Name Isiah
Birth Year 2001
Race African American
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin MD


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