Jaden is a sweet little boy who can benefit from extra TLC. He loves toys that make noise, and light up. Reading a book to Jaden with textures he can touch will make him very happy -- he might even smirk to show his satisfaction!

Jaden is just 6 years old, and has already suffered far too much in his young life. Jaden was born without medical challenges, but, after suffering a traumatic sudden injury, he is now medically-fragile. Social workers are seeking a family that is familiar with, or is willing to learn about, the daily care of a child with medical needs, like Jaden. Assistance is offered to families that adopt medically-fragile children. Jaden has an excellent support system already. He is cared for by a set of wonderful foster parents who will help ensure a successful transition into a permanent adoptive home.

Can you help provide Jaden with a home for the holidays... a forever home?

Name Jaden
Birth Year 2010
Race African American
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin DC


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