Jeremiah is a bright young man full of character and spirit. While visiting the Wesley Theological Seminary for his Wednesday’s Child taping with NBC 4 Anchor Barbara Harrison, Jeremiah showed everyone just how the great qualities he possesses will help him follow his ultimate passion of becoming a pastor.

His past few years in foster care having been a trying time for Jeremiah, but by focusing on his faith, he has remained optimistic. Jeremiah is quite serious in his aspirations of studying his Christian theology, and gave an outstanding sermon during his taping. Despite his seriousness and dedication to faith, Jeremiah always lets his creative and bright personality shine through. He loved having his picture taken during his Wednesday’s Child taping, and suggested several ideas for poses and locations. He even requested to learn a little bit about taking photos! He certainly doesn’t shy away from learning new things, and his willingness to learn is apparent.

Social workers are looking for a licensed family that will encourage Jeremiah’s dreams and passions while providing the love and support every child deserves.

Video from NBC4

Name Jeremiah
Birth Year 2002
Race African American
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin VA


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