Jimmy has a heart of gold! This young man will impress you with his manners, and his charm.

Jimmy loves animals, especially cats and horses. We found the perfect place for his Wednesday’s Child taping, Lift Me Up in Great Falls, Virginia, where cuddly kittens and horses abound! Although Jimmy was not sure he would ride a horse before he arrived at the farm, he built up the confidence to ride soon-thereafter. Once he was on the horse, Jimmy loved it!

It was so nice to see Jimmy in his element with the horses and other animals at Lift Me Up. He has an extremely caring nature, and a special ability to care for animals. When Barbara Harrison asked Jimmy about the family he is hoping for during his Wednesday's Child taping, he said he really wants parents with a house, yard, and lots of pets that he “promises to take good care of.”

Social workers are hoping to recruit parents who will adore Jimmy and keep him forever. Although he has some special needs, intellectually, Jimmy is at grade-level. With the right family, one that falls in love with his unique personality and charm, Jimmy is sure to make even more strides.

Name Jimmy
Birth Year 2000
Race Caucasian
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin VA


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