His engaging smile, chubby cheeks, and infectious giggle makes it hard to not fall in love with this adorable toddler. As you can see, Seth is a beautiful bundle of joy! He is just as happy as can be playing with his toy football or listening to music. The ideal adoptive home for Seth will help this little one continue to catch up developmentally to other 3 year olds.

As a part of Seth’s Wednesday’s Child taping, Keyty Machedo, music teacher and owner of Keyty’s Party Solutions, payed a special visit to Seth’s foster home. Outdoor outing are sometime difficult due to Seth’s special needs, so Miss Keyty brought the party to Seth. It didn’t take long for Seth to show us all his bright beaming smile, and play a duet with Barbara Harrison.

Seth truly enjoyed the music! He was fascinated by the instruments, and the new friends he met that day. Although Seth has limited speech, we all knew how content and comfortable he was. In the most ideal circumstances, Seth’s new home will continue music therapy because he loved it so much.

Seth started to attend an early childhood intervention program recently to address his needs and provide him with individualized developmental services. Everyone is impressed with how well Seth is responding to the new services. Although doctors cannot predict the level of independence Seth will reach in the future, we all know he definitely deserves a permanent loving adoptive home. Seth’s current foster parents are not able to adopt him; however, they will fully support Seth’s transition into a permanent adoptive home.

Video from NBC4

Name Seth
Birth Year 2012
Race African American
Status active
Gender Male
State of Origin MD


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