Miss Shanecia was the belle of the ball during her Wednesday's Child taping with the Cherry Blossom Princesses. This stunning, polite, and sweet young lady is hoping to steal someone's heart, and be invited to join their family.

With a delightful cheerful personality and bright smile, it is hard to imagine why Shanecia is in foster care. Growing up in foster care for the past two years has not put a damper on Shanecia's hope and dreams for the future. She wants to be a pastor or a lawyer when she grows up. These goals are within reach because Shanecia is determined to make them happen, even though the experience in foster care has caused her to fall behind in school a bit.

Social workers feel that through the help of a tutor, and once Shanecia settles into a permanent adoptive home, her school performance might improve. They are seeking a couple or single mother adopter for Shanecia, and are hoping that the family has foster parenting experience already.

The ideal family will get great joy from getting to know this lovely little princess with a dazzling smile and bright eyes. The right family will enjoy doing creative projects with our crafty girl, going shopping, listening to music and exposing this sweet girl to lots of other fun family activities.

Video from NBC4

Name Shanecia
Birth Year 2001
Race African American
Status active
Gender Female
State of Origin VA

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