Long-Range Plan Task Force Reports

Posted: Dec 20, 2017


The TPB Long-Range Plan Task Force identified a limited set of regionally significant projects, programs, and policies above and beyond what is in the region's current long-range transportation plan.

The Phase I report summarizes the efforts of the predecessor to the task force, the Unfunded Capital Needs Working Group, providing a context for future priority setting by examining three scenarios of the region’s long-term (2040) transportation system performance—a 'no-build' scenario assuming no additional transportation investments, a 'planned-build' scenario assuming investments in the long-range plan, and an 'all-build' scenario assuming all planned funded and unfunded investments. 

The Phase II report summarizes an analysis conducted by the task force to compare the impacts of potential initiatives against the currently adopted long-range transportation plan for the year 2040. This report describes the background leading up to this analysis, discusses regional challenges and performance measures for assessing those challenges, and summarizes the technical methods used to evaluate the initiatives and the results of this analysis.

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