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Fire Rescue & EMS

Collaboration among area fire and emergency medical services (EMS) officials greatly benefits area residents by helping to ensure public safety and protect peoples’ lives and property. Through its fire and EMS committees, COG supports regional emergency planning and response, interoperable communications, trainings, and public service announcements.

COG, in collaboration with area fire chiefs and local government attorneys, has helped coordinate regional mutual aid agreements, which allow fire resources to be shared across jurisdictional borders to respond to incidents and emergencies. These agreements were first put to the test when suburban fire departments came to the aid of the District of Columbia during civil disturbances following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

COG continually works with the region’s Fire Chiefs and public safety communications subject matter experts to examine ways to improve communications, particularly when responding to incidents requiring mutual aid operations. COG helps agencies plan for all-hazards response, and promotes efforts to further fire service intelligence functions as well as fire, EMS, and police intelligence integration. COG supports fire departments on public information campaigns, such as fire safety, and helps facilitate joint meetings with area Police Chiefs and Emergency Managers. Through COG, fire officials have also worked closely with Metro to improve underground radio systems for first responders and establish a fire/rescue liaison in Metro’s Rail Operations Control Center.



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