Homeland Security & Public Safety


Ensuring safe communities in the multi-jurisdictional metropolitan Washington region requires coordination across various law enforcement agencies. Through its police committees, COG helps support innovative law enforcement strategies focusing on crime control, standardized training, and communications interoperability, amongst others. Police officials work with COG to address public safety issues at the regional scale, such as preventing gang activity, combating drunk driving, and ensuring bicycle and pedestrian safety.

COG, in collaboration with area police chiefs and local government attorneys, has helped coordinate regional mutual aid agreements, which allow police resources to be shared across jurisdictional borders to respond to incidents and emergencies. These agreements were the first in the nation to cover an interstate metropolitan area and were patterned after successful arrangements by area fire departments.

COG works with area police agencies to produce an annual Report on Crime and Crime Control, to keep elected officials and residents informed of key regional trends. COG also promotes interagency cooperation and data sharing among area law enforcement partners through technology and innovative tools. For example, COG’s regional pawnshop database gives police departments access to lists of goods in neighboring jurisdictions. It has assisted in recovering millions worth of stolen property in COG member jurisdictions.



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Results: 32 found.