RESF 1 (Transportation)

The NCR RESF-1 Transportation Committee was re-established in April of 2006, and meets monthly to address Transportation’s role in the NCR Homeland Security Program. The committee has representation at the local, state, regional, and federal levels from all NCR Jurisdictions.

NCR RESF-1 Scope, Purpose, and Mission Statements

The RESF-1 Committee plans for and addresses Transportation’s role regarding emergency response, coordination, and recovery during and after a declared emergency or other major event.

The RESF-1 Committee has been established to provide a forum for regional transportation officials to exchange information and discuss the emergency response, coordination, and recovery requirements of transportation as well as provide a voice for transportation in the larger NCR Homeland Security Program.

The RESF-1 Transportation Committee serves as an entity in furthering emergency transportation planning in the National Capital Region and in promoting effective, open communication between transportation stakeholders.  RESF-1 also provides input into the planning of cross-functional issues such as Evacuation, where transportation plays a supporting role.