TPB Citizens Advisory Committee

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The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to the Transportation Planning Board (TPB) is a group of 15 people from throughout the Washington metropolitan region who represent diverse viewpoints on long-term transportation policy. The mission of the CAC is 1.) to promote public involvement in transportation planning for the region, and 2.) to provide independent, region-oriented citizen advice to the TPB on transportation plans and issues.

Nine members of the CAC are appointed annually by the TPB. The other six members are elected by the previous year's CAC. The membership is evenly divided among the District of Columbia, Suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

Meetings are held on Thursdays preceding the regular meetings of the TPB, beginning at 6 pm.

Look under Events & Event Materials to get details about the next CAC meeting, including the meeting agenda once it's posted.


Questions? Contact Bryan Hayes or call 202-962-3273.