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Additional Draft Project Submission for the Visualize 2045 Constrained Element

Comment period open until February 17, 2018

The Transportation Planning Board has released for a 30-day public comment and inter-agency review period, an additional project submissions to be included in the Air Quality Conformity Analysis for the constrained element of Visualize 2045, the region's long-range transportation plan. The following materials were made available for review and comment:

The deadline for comments is 11:59 P.M. ET on Saturday, February 17. 

Comments may be submitted by:

  • Using the online form below (upload files for comments longer than 1,000 characters),
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  • Calling (202) 962-3262, TDD: (202) 962-3213
  • Speaking in person at the February 21, 2018 meeting
    • To participate, call (202) 962-3315.
  • Writing to the TPB Chairman at

National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board
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Comments Received on the Visualize 2045 Constrained Element

Use the searchable form below to review comments received on the proposed project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained Element and the draft Scope of Work for the Air Quality Conformity Analysis.

Visualize 2045 Inputs and Scope Submissions

This comment is being submitted on behalf of:This comment pertains to:Name of Agency/Business/OrganizationFirst NameLast NameCityStateZip/Postal CodeSubjectFile Upload
June B. and Edward S.LaneLoudoun CountyVirginia00000Today's Vote on a New Potomac BridgeNo file uploaded.
Text Area:
Before the meeting today, I want to weigh in on the idea of a new Potomac Bridge. After having been active in local transportation issues for many years, my husband and I want to register our opposition to any further consideration of a bridge anywhere in Loudoun County. We have seen no actual scientific studies (as opposed to that commissioned by the group that wants the bridge based on either best practices in traffic management or the will of the people. Once people understand the issues involved, they realize that a new bridge anywhere in Loudoun (or perhaps anywhere other than supporting the upgrading of the American Legion Bridge) will cause more problems than it solves. The financial cost would be ghastly. If the bridge is supported by tolls, it would cost so much that people would avoid it. If it is supported by taxes, that expenditure will drain money from other, more effective projects. DROP THE BRIDGE FROM THE PLANNING DOCUMENTS!!!
A BusinessDraft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained ElementJust Economics LLCRickRybeckWashingtonDistrict of Columbia20009Visualize 20145 - Public CommentVisualize_2045_Comment_(Just_Economics)_Jan_20182.pdf
Text Area:
See attached document
A Governmental BodyDraft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained ElementVirginia General Assembly MembersScottSurovellMt. VernonVirginia22121MCOG_Public_Comment2.pdf
Text Area:
A Governmental BodyDraft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained ElementMontgomery County CouncilTomHuckerRockvilleMaryland20850Letter on Visualize 2045 NH_BRT_in_Visualize_2045_letter_of_support2.pdf
Text Area:
See attached.
A Non-profit OrganizationDraft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained ElementCoalition for Smarter Growth and partnersStewartSchwartzWashingtonDistrict of Columbia20002Comments on draft CLRP2018_01_13_Joint_letter_to_TPB_re_CLRP_-_Final2.pdf
Text Area:
See attached sign-on letter by 8 organizations
A Non-profit OrganizationDraft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained ElementPrince William Conservation AllianceCharlieGrymesPrince William CountyVirginia00000comments on project submissions to be included in the Air Quality Conformity Analysis for the constrained element of Visualize 2045Charlie_Grymes2.pdf
Text Area:
See attached.
A Non-profit OrganizationOther Regional Transportation IssueConservation MontgomeryDianeCameronKensingtonMaryland20895Thank you for voting NO on Outer Beltway Bridge.No file uploaded.
Text Area:
As a member of the Board of Conservation Montgomery, and as a member & former staffer of Audubon Naturalist Society, I'm writing to thank the Board for voting NO on the proposed Outer Beltway Bridge. And, thank you for voting YES on improved funding for transit and bus service in our region.
A Non-profit OrganizationDraft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained ElementThe Catoctin CoalitionMarthaPolkeyLeesburgVirginia20176US 15 Widening from Battlefield Parkway to VA 661Route_15_widening_project_submission_form_WITH_RESPONSES2.pdf
Text Area:
The Catoctin Coalition strongly opposes the proposed project. 1. It circumvents an underway Loudoun County public process by local stakeholders for improvements to this road. The stakeholders group has not reached consensus. Requested analyses by stakeholders (of induced traffic, environmental and safety impacts) have not been conducted. 2. It does not in fact meet criteria to achieve Goal 4: Maximize operational effectiveness and safety, or Goal 5: Protect and enhance the environment, as stated. 3. It is being forwarded before the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has voted to approve the Comprehensive Plan Amendment to change the designation of the road from a 2-lane local access rural arterial to a 4-lane median-divided controlled access rural arterial. 4. It circumvents an underway County process revising the comprehensive and transportation plans. I have attached a document that addresses, point by point, concerns with this transportation project.
An IndividualOther Regional Transportation IssueMitchGreeneSilver SpringMaryland20901Thank you.No file uploaded.
Text Area:
Thank you for not advancing the Northern Potomac bridge crossing. While I firmly believe that more ways across the Potomac are necessary to improve traffic flow in the area, building a whole new bridge--in a sensitive area!--is not the answer. Perhaps I live in a fantasy world but I love stacked highways and bridges. They're complicated, but they use the (mostly!) unused vertical space. Thank you again for keeping our drinking water safe.
An IndividualDraft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained ElementDavidPaceWoodbridgeVirginia22192-1011US 301 WIDENING PROJECTNo file uploaded.
Text Area:
The Project "US 301 WIDENING From the Governor Harry Nice Bridge to US 50/I-595" is a good start, but it is insufficient to siphon East Coast through traffic from I-95/The Beltway. Through traffic will still be dissuaded from bypassing the Beltway route because US 301 will still be slowed by stoplights and community reduced speed limits. What is needed is to make US 301 a limited access highway with no stoplights and with full highway speed limits throughout. Compared to the proposed widening, adding limited access interchanges would be relatively cheap and would be far more effective than merely widening.
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