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Additional Draft Project Submission for the Visualize 2045 Constrained Element

Comment period open until February 17, 2018

The Transportation Planning Board has released for a 30-day public comment and inter-agency review period, an additional project submissions to be included in the Air Quality Conformity Analysis for the constrained element of Visualize 2045, the region's long-range transportation plan. The following materials were made available for review and comment:

The deadline for comments is 11:59 P.M. ET on Saturday, February 17. 

Comments may be submitted by:

  • Using the online form below (upload files for comments longer than 1,000 characters),
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  • Calling (202) 962-3262, TDD: (202) 962-3213
  • Speaking in person at the February 21, 2018 meeting
    • To participate, call (202) 962-3315.
  • Writing to the TPB Chairman at

National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board
777 North Capitol Street NE, Suite 300
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Comments Received on the Visualize 2045 Constrained Element

Use the searchable form below to review comments received on the proposed project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained Element and the draft Scope of Work for the Air Quality Conformity Analysis.

Visualize 2045 Inputs and Scope Submissions

This comment is being submitted on behalf of:This comment pertains to:Name of Agency/Business/OrganizationFirst NameLast NameCityStateZip/Postal CodeSubjectFile Upload
An IndividualDraft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained ElementPatriciaLogueLeesburgVirginia20176Route 15 WideningRoute_15_Selma_Feedback2.docx
Text Area:
Please see comments submitted to my (Selma Estates) Homeowners Association Stakeholder Committee Representative. The entire length of Route 15 between north of Leesburg to the Potomac River a the Point of Rocks Bridge needs to be considered in this project. This Project as described does not address the major congestion problem of daily traffic coming from Maryland and Pennsylvania by way of the Point of Rocks and Brunswick MD river crossings. It addresses northbound traffic leaving Leesburg only. Congestion relief and safety priorities for the entire length of Route 15 in Virginia north of Leesburg are listed in the attached document.
An IndividualANS - Jones Mill RoadFrankChevy ChaseChevy ChaseMaryland20815Potomac River bridgeNo file uploaded.
Text Area:
Thanks for not pursuing another bridge across the Potomac. Our water supply will be in much better shape if this bridge is not built.
An IndividualDraft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained ElementTinaSlaterSilver SpringMaryland20910Comments/Concerns with draft Visualize 2045 Plan.Ltr_TPB_Comments_on_Draft_Visualize_2045_Plan_2018-01-13_(002)2.pdf
Text Area:
Dear TPB Chair Charles Allen -- Attached please find my 2-page comment letter about the draft Visualize 2045 Plan.
An IndividualDraft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained ElementMarcBrenmanKensingtonMaryland20895Comments on Visualize 2045 CLRPmarc_Brenman2.pdf
Text Area:
See attached.
An IndividualDraft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained ElementPeterGustafsonLeesburgVirginia20176Route 15 WideningPeter_Gustafson2.pdf
Text Area:
See attached.
An IndividualDraft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained ElementStephenBudianskyLeesburgVirginia20176comment on project submission for Visualize 2045: Rt 15Stephen_Budiansky2.pdf
Text Area:
See attached.
An IndividualDraft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained ElementKristinaMcCoyWoodbridgeVirginia22192I-95 Southbound Auxiliary Lane Comment (in favor)No file uploaded.
Text Area:
The Visualize 2045 plan includes a potential I-95 Southbound Auxiliary Lane. Since this region is the most congested traffic area in the US, the project should be moved up earlier than the 2028 expected completion date. There is rarely a time day or night that this area is not congested. This is a safety hazard as the area looses a lane and effectively loses two lanes as traffic from Lorton/Rte-1/Ft. Belvoir merge from what becomes the Rte-123 merge lane. The effective loss of two lanes slow commuters and through traffic to a halt creating a dangerous mix of widely differing approach speeds. The constant traffic jam also increases pollution of both the air and the water below the bridge (Occoquan, a Chesapeake Bay tributary). Additionally it impacts the dynamic activity centers in the commercial realm, the DC commuter bedroom communities, and museums (Quantico Marine Corps Museum and pending American Military History). Thank you for this opportunity to comment. Regards
An IndividualOther Regional Transportation IssueJoyceBaileyBarnesville Maryland20838outer Beltway Bridge across the PotomacNo file uploaded.
Text Area:
Dear Planning Board Members, I am writing to encourage you to NOT PURSUE plans to build a second bridge across the Potomac River. This is not a viable solution to our areas transportation needs. It has been shown repeatedly that building additional roads and bridges simply stimulates more far flung development and road congestion. We need to protect our drinking water and the source of that water is the Potomac River. Our River is already challenged by upstream pollution and at times, low flow rates due to longer periods of drought in our area brought on by Climate Change. We need to keep traffic away from the river so that any spills and accidents occurring on our roadways do not spill over into the Potomac River. We all know that despite our best efforts, accidents and spills do happen all too frequently. We need to protect our drinking water by protecting our River. We are counting on you to abandon any plans to build another bridge across the Potomac. Thank you.
An IndividualDraft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained ElementTrentBergerCliftonVirginia20124No file uploaded.
Text Area:
I strongly support the following project: 1) Adding HOT lanes on I-495 in MD from the American Legion to Woodrow Wilson bridges. 2) Extending the HOT lanes in VA to the American Legion bridge. 3) Adding the auxiliary lane on I-95 in Woodbridge. 4) Adding HOT lanes on I-270. Unfortunately, a few projects that are much needed I do not see here. These include: 1) Adding a 4th lane on I-95 throughout ALL of Prince William County 2) Adding HOT lanes on I-95 between the Capital Beltway and exit 43 in Maryland.
An IndividualJohnAusemaGreenbeltMaryland20770new projectsNo file uploaded.
Text Area:
I have comments regarding several of the projects on the long range plan: 1 - For widening MD 201, this project should include a separated bike/ped path that also continues along the existing multi-lane section of road between Cherrywood Ln and Crescent Rd. Improvements to the Sunnyside Rd bridge over Indian Creek and the Power Mill road bridge over the RR tracks should be considered as part of the project, with enhanced bike/ped facilities 2 - Any widening of route 301 should include provision for a future transit way (rail or BRT) of some kind. 3 - I strongly support the BRT routes in Montgomery County and the bike lanes in DC 4 - For the proposed toll lanes in MD, the priority should be for re-building the American Legion Bridge and creating toll lanes from there to the 270 split and north along 270.
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