Draft Project Submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained Element and the Draft Scope of Work for the Air Quality Conformity Analysis

Comment by January 13, 2018

The Transportation Planning Board has released for 30-day public comment and inter-agency review the project submissions to be included in the Air Quality Conformity Analysis for the constrained element of Visualize 2045, the region's long-range transportation plan. The public and any TPB member or stakeholder may submit comments. The following materials are available for review and comment:

The deadline for comments is 11:59 P.M. ET on Saturday, January 13, 2018.

Comments may be submitted by:

  • Using the online form below (upload files for comments longer than 1,000 characters),
  • Sending an email to TPBcomment@mwcog.org
  • Calling (202) 962-3262, TDD: (202) 962-3213
  • Speaking in person at the December 20, 2017 meeting
    • To participate, call (202) 962-3315.
  • Writing to the TPB Chairman at

National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board
777 North Capitol Street NE, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20002-4239

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Comments Received on the Visualize 2045 Constrained Element

Use the searchable form below to review comments received on the proposed project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained Element and the draft Scope of Work for the Air Quality Conformity Analysis.

Visualize 2045 Inputs and Scope Submissions

This comment is being submitted on behalf of:This comment pertains to:Name of Agency/Business/OrganizationFirst NameLast NameCityStateZip/Postal CodeSubjectFile Upload
ClaytonCochranKensingtonMaryland20895Proposed New Bridge for the Potomac RiverNo file uploaded.
Text Area:
I am writing as former Conservation Chair of the Potomac Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club, a current volunteer Trail Ranger for Montgomery County, and a volunteer with the Audubon Naturalist Society, and a nearly 50-year resident of Montgomery County. The LAST thing that Montgomery County needs is to again bridge the Potomac River. Catering to the business interests of Virginians (who have turned over their countryside to massive road systems and dreadful sprawl), and to a few parochial Mont. Co. business interests will do great damage to the general public. We depend on good water from the Potomac. The massive traffic that will indundate our county via a new bridge will forever change the character of our area. Please do not allow this monstrosity to proceed and think of people, not special interests. Thank you, Clayton E. Cochran
Other Regional Transportation IssuePaula WhitfieldSilver SpringMaryland20910strongly against outer beltway bridge. No file uploaded.
Text Area:
I am strongly, vehemently opposed to the propose beltway bridge. Not only would it put our drinking water supply in danger it would continue to fragment and destroy habitat even more than it already has been in this area.. enough is enough.. NO to this bridge! Thank you, Paula
KathrynKathrynRushingSilver Spring Maryland20904Proposed Outer BeltwayNo file uploaded.
Text Area:
Please, no outer Beltway! Protect our region’s drinking supply and water quality and do the right thing! Long-term solutions to traffic issues should never compromise public safety and the safety of our natural resources. Thank you.
Margaret A. BolesPrince George's CountyMaryland00000Comment on multiple topicsComment_MargaretBoles2.pdf
Text Area:
Document attached
KristieMillerWashingtonDistrict of Columbia20008Outer Beltway BridgeNo file uploaded.
Text Area:
Please do not even consider building this bridge. It could seriously imperil the DC area drinking water supply in the event of a toxic spill. As we have learned to our cost, such accidents are all but inevitable. Do not gamble with our community’s health and safety!
DougBrownunknownDistrict of Columbia00000No file uploaded.
Text Area:
Once again a new Potomac bridge crossing is being evaluated, and once again the studies show as they always do what a bad idea this is in so many different ways from air and water quality to increased traffic congestion and volume. Please remove this study from your list of projects for the future and focus on the ones that show they have the merit to be implemented, mass transit, land use and fixing existing roadways and bridges that are in poor shape and outdated.
MarkScheuflerManassasVirginia20111Draft project submissions for the Visualize 2045 Constrained Element - "I-95 Southbound Widening from VA 123 to VA 294"Comment_MarkScheufler2.pdf
Text Area:
See attached
David R.BruneWoodbridgeVirginia22192I-95 Southbound Auxiliary Lane from VA 123 to VA 294No file uploaded.
Text Area:
Absolutely essential improvement project BUT it should not stop at VA 294 – this improvement needs to continue to VA 234 which will make a much more meaningful impact. If at all possible – this needs to happen sooner than 2025. Ideally, the extension to VA294 would be completed by 2020 with further extension to VA 234 by 2022.
Jeff and LindaWitherelunknownDistrict of Columbia00000No file uploaded.
Text Area:
Is there any consideration in the plan for Metro down/up I 95 ILO HOV lanes?. I feel that by relying on Metro to/from Fredericksburg vice HOV we will be taking vehicles off of this congested avenue.
BrianBlankinshipWoodbridgeVirginia00000I-95 Southbound Auxiliary Lane Comment (in favor)Comment_BrianBlankinship2.pdf
Text Area:
See attached
Results: 56 Comments found.


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