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Regional Leaders Address Homelessness

Oct 25, 2005

As COG’s member jurisdictions seek new ways to address a shortage of affordable housing, the region’s elected officials gathered to discuss collaborative solutions for ending chronic homelessness.

"Advancing Regional Collabaration to End Homelessness," held October 25, included work sessions for dozens of nonprofit leaders who joined the one-day conference.

COG’s Homeless Enumeration Report released earlier this year shows the number of people who are homeless in the metropolitan region rose for a fifth straight year. Many of them, however, are finding their way into programs that help solve the problems that lead to homelessness -- a significant trend that elected officials and nonprofit groups hope to build upon.

"Every year we talk about the enumeration, but this year we are bringing together jurisdictions to talk about the results and what we can do about them," said Fran Becker, chair of COG's Homeless Services Policy Committee.

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