COG Child Welfare Program, Foster Parents featured on NBC4's Viewpoint

Jun 6, 2014

COG’s Child Welfare Manager Kamilah Bunn and Arlington County Foster Parents of the Year, Ben and Shira Simon, appeared on NBC4’s public affairs talkshow, Viewpoint, last week, sharing the story of foster care in the National Capital Region.

COG’s Child Welfare program has three keystone initiatives: Kids Need Families, Wednesday’s Child, presented by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, and Families Like Yours, a program dedicated to showcasing foster parents and recruiting new families to foster children. COG is currently raising funds to produce 10 short-form documentaries which will document the day-to-day lives of foster families in the Washington area as well as provide a screening event for the families. To find out more about our campaign, please visit our Kickstarter page. For documentaries on this year's Foster Parents of the Year, click here.

Watch the video of the Simons on Viewpoint below:

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