Current Drought Conditions

As part of the Metropolitan Washington Water Supply and Drought Awareness Response Plan, COG issues monthly drought reports from May - October. COG also encourages wise water use throughout the entire year - visit the outreach and education website for water conservation tips.

Summary of Conditions- April 5, 2017
Drinking water supplies remain sufficient in metropolitan Washington despite dry conditions. Local water authorities report that Potomac and Occoquan River flows meet the region’s drinking water supply needs and local reservoirs are full.

At the end of February 2017, the Maryland Department of the Environment issued a drought warning for central Maryland areas outside of the WSSC service territory.  Areas inside the WSSC service territory in  Prince George’s County and Montgomery County are exempt.  On March 20, 2017, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality issued a drought watch for Northern Virginia public and private water supplies using groundwater and private water supplies using surface water. Water systems using the Potomac River or Occoquan Reservoir are not affected at this time  As of April 3, 2017, both the MDE drought warning and DEQ drought watch were still in effect. 

NOAA has designated parts of the Potomac Basin in differing drought conditions. The March 28th NOAA Potomac Basin Drought Monitor Report designated areas across the entire basin as:

  • 43% is not dry
  • 24% is abnormally dry (D0)
  • 27% is in moderate drought status (D1)
  • 6% is in severe drought status (D2)

Driest conditions are primarily located in the District and Montgomery, Fairfax and Prince William Counties.  Abnormal dryness has the potential, depending on the amount of spring rains, to slow planting and growth of crops or pastures. 

COG will continue to track conditions and provide updates throughout the month.

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