NCR Homeland Security Executive Committee (HSEC)

The Homeland Security Executive Committee (HSEC) helps jurisdictions anticipate and prepare for emergency situations that require regional coordination and response. Its members are charged with establishing a shared perspective across local, state, and federal decision-makers on the risks and unmet security needs of the region. The intent of regional coordination is to set direction, collect information on threats and opportunities, assess gaps, and determine how to focus resources to address risks.  

The HSEC is comprised of local Chief Administrative Officers or Deputy Administrative Officers for public safety and homeland security; the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia state directors for emergency management and homeland security; and the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Office of National Capital Region Coordination. 

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ Department of Homeland Security and Public Safety provides staff support to the HSEC in the form of data analysis, research, strategic policy development, and meeting coordination. 

For an overview of HSEC, view its digital storybook.