Systems Performance, Operations and Technology Subcommittee

The Systems Performance, Operations and Technology Subcommittee (SPOTS), formerly the Management, Operations and Intelligent Transportation Systems (MOITS) Technical Subcommittee, advises the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board on matters of performance outcomes of the transportation system; transportation operations and management, including considerations of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies in improving those operations; and emerging transportation technologies. The Subcommittee also provides a regional forum for coordination among Transportation Planning Board member agencies and other stakeholders on these topics.

SPOTS also advises development of the Regional Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture in accordance with the National ITS Architecture. For more information, please see

In 2010, a Strategic Plan for the MOITS Planning Program was developed. The full report as well as an Executive Summary are available at The Strategic Plan identifies projects and actions that will support effective M&O in the region, and advises member agencies on management, operations, and technology deployments for meeting common regional goals and objectives. The MOITS Technical Subcommittee advised the development of the Strategic Plan.

SPOTS activities also are coordinated with the regional Congestion Management Process (CMP). For CMP documents and more information, please see

The Subcommittee meets generally the second Wednesday of every month except August, at 1:00 PM.