Fire Chiefs Committee

The Fire Chiefs Committee is comprised of officials from local, state, federal and non-profit organizations within the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) region. The Committee meets on a monthly basis to address issues of regional importance regarding Fire and Rescue policies and practices in the region.

The Fire Chiefs Committee advises the Emergency Preparedness Council (EPC), the Homeland Security Executive Committee (HSEC) and the Human Services and Public Safety Policy Subcommittee (HSPSPC) on regional issues related to the fire and rescue service. 

The Fire Chiefs Committee oversees a number of regional technical subcommittees specific to hazardous materials response, technical rescue, public safety communications, emergency medical services, rail safety, firefighter health and safety, life safety, technology, training and bomb squads. Each subcommittee consists of individuals with specialized expertise and skills related to the particular topic, and they work and report on critical issues related to these matters.