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D.C. Submits Anacostia Area Plans to TPB

Mar 15, 2006

Graphic: South Capitol Street Corridor with Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Improvements

One billion dollars worth of new transportation projects linked to the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative and the new Washington Nationals stadium have been submitted to the Transportation Planning Board (TPB) for inclusion in the region’s plans.  The projects, which were presented during today’s Board meeting, include a major redevelopment of South Capitol Street, replacement of the 11th Street Bridge and construction of the first phase of the Anacostia Streetcar.    

The bridge projects are expected to improve traffic flow over the Anacostia River, where the Frederick Douglass and 11th Street bridges ranked as the region’s 5th most congested traffic chokepoint in a recent TPB aerial freeway study.  According to the study, commuters average only 10-15 mph there during the morning rush hour. 

The District of Columbia’s project submissions were among the only significant changes to the region’s plans, which planners say shows the scarcity of funding for transportation improvements.  Once the public comment period ends next month, the TPB is expected to move the projects forward by including them in an air quality analysis, a standard step before getting full Board approval scheduled for the fall.   

South Capitol St Corridor with Frederick Douglas Memorial Bridge Improvements between Independence Ave. & MLK, Jr. Blvd.  Convert South Capitol Street from an urban highway to a grand six-lane boulevard. Construct a newly aligned, six-lane Frederick Douglas Bridge. Length: 3.5 miles.  Cost: $625 million. Completion: 2015

11th St Bridges & Interchange Reconstruction between the Anacostia Freeway & Southeast Freeway. Replace and reconfigure the 11th Street Bridges.  One bridge would be limited to freeway traffic, carrying four lanes in each direction. The second bridge would carry local traffic on two lanes in each direction. New ramps east of the river would connect both directions of the Anacostia Freeway with each span. Length: 1 mile Cost: $377 million. Completion: 2011.

Anacostia Streetcar Project Phase 1 of 4: From Firth Sterling & South Capitol St. to Howard Rd. & MLK, Jr. Ave. Build the first phase of the streetcar line. Length: Approximately ½ mile (Phase 1 only) Cost: $21 million Completion: 2008.

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