Aviation Technical Subcommittee

The Aviation Technical Subcommittee of the TPB Technical Committee is responsible for the coordination of airport system planning with the regional transportation planning process. The Subcommittee provides technical review for projects and reports stemming from the Continuous Airport System Planning (CASP) program. Presentations regarding such projects are made to the Subcommittee, and comments and suggestions are solicited. Then, presentations are made to the TPB Technical Committee, and the TPB. All CASP program products follow this technical review process, prior to submission to the funding agencies, which includes the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), and the Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA).

The Aviation Technical Subcommittee includes representatives from the Maryland Aviation Administration, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, the District of Columbia Government, the Virginia Department of Aviation, and the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as representatives of local jurisdictions within the Council of Governments’ membership. In addition, other regional agencies with aviation interests, airport sponsors, and aviation interest groups and associations are encouraged to participate.

Recent Chairs of the Subcommittee

  • 2017, Mike Hewitt, MWAA
  • 2016, Tony Storck, BWI
  • 2015, Laura Richards, DDOT
  • 2014, Mike Hewitt, MWAA
  • 2013, Tony Storck, BWI
  • 2012, Amber Carran-Fletcher, DDOT
  • 2011, Mike Hines, MWAA
  • 2010, Mark Rawlings, DDOT
  • 2009, Tony Storck, BWI
  • 2008, Mike Hackett, MWAA
  • 2007, Bob Griffiths, COG
  • 2006, Simone Johnson, MAA
  • 2005, Damon Harvey, DDOT

For more information on the work of the Aviation Technical Subcommittee, see the Continuous Airport System Planning Program.