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Greenbelt Introduces "Fast Fill" Natural Gas Pump

Jul 29, 2004

Greenbelt held a ribbon cutting ceremony for its new “fast fill” compressed natural gas facility. The new pump will fill a vehicle in the same amount of time as a regular gas pump. The City’s older “slow fill” pump took 8-12 hours to fill a vehicle.

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) provided over $85,000 to acquire the equipment and the city spent over $30,000 on installation costs. The facility has enabled the City to expand its fleet of dedicated CNG vehicles, and Greenbelt hopes to allow other governmental entities and members of the general public to use the facility in the near future.

The Greenbelt City Council, State Senator Paul Pinsky, State Delegate Justin Ross, County Council Member Doug Peters, MEA Chief of Staff Michael Li, MWCOG Executive Director, David Robertson and members of the City’s Recycling and Environment Advisory Committee participated in the event.


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