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Water Use it Wisely Day

Apr 20, 2006

On April 20, COG’s water conservation program teamed up with the District of Columbia Energy Office for 'Water Use it Wisely Day.'  The event was part of the Energy Office’s Green DC Week.   It provided students and local residents with an opportunity to learn about water conservation and related water issues through boat tours on the Anacostia River, exhibits, and hands-on activities. 

In addition to the DC Energy Office, the Water Use It Wisely Day was sponsored by Phillips Flagship, Water Management Inc., the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) and local water utilities. 

COG, in cooperation with local water utilities, coordinates the Washington region’s “Water Use it Wisely” program to raise public awareness on the importance of water conservation.  There are 100 water saving tips that are easy to incorporate into daily practices, from turning the water off while brushing your teeth, to properly adjusting your landscape planning throughout the year.  

These tips can be found by visiting 

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