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Workshop Highlights Hydrogen Technology

May 24, 2006

During a special workshop held at COG, government officials joined industry experts in discussing the newest research in alternative fuels. The one-day session, cosponsored by COG and the National Hydrogen Association (NHA), focused on the production of hydrogen as an alternative source for generating electricity and fueling vehicles in the metropolitan region.

Hydrogen – which must be separated from oxygen, carbon and other elements before it can be used as an energy carrier -- is regarded as an efficient, clean and reliable source of energy. Widespread use has potential to reduce dependence on petroleum imports, cut back on greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. NHA expects the use of hydrogen-powered products to accelerate in the next ten to 20 years.

Steve Gilchrist, Vice President of Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company, discussed commercial availability of hydrogen fuel injection systems for diesel engine applications. He was joined by several other guest speakers who addressed a range of topics, including fuel cell development, hydrogen fuel production and hydrogen fueled vehicles for fleet operators.

Following the forum, participants test drove several models for alternative fuel vehicles, including General Motor’s HydroGen3.

The agenda and presentations from the May 23 event are available on the Alternative Fuels Partnership event page.

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