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Commuter Connections Employer Awards Announced

Jun 28, 2006

(TPB Vice Chair Cathy Hudgins (left) presents an Employer Recognition Award to representatives from George Mason University)


Commuter Connections, a program of the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, today recognized three area employers at the National Press Club, for their outstanding efforts in promoting commuting practices that save gas, reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality within the Washington region.

“The Washington-area business community plays a vital role in shaping the commuting behavior of their employees,” said Mike Knapp, Montgomery County Council Member and National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board Chair. “These programs are not only a good idea for employees and the environment but they make good business sense.”      

Commuter Connections works closely with local businesses to educate and promote alternatives to drive alone commuting practices of employees.  With free assistance from Commuter Connections, employers can offer a wide array of commuting options from transit subsidies or pre-tax benefits to telework and ridesharing programs.  

2006 Commuter Connections Employer Recognition Awards winners:

George Mason University - Fairfax, VA

To better serve its 5,000 employees, GMU adopted the Commonwealth Commuter Choice program in 1999.  A free vanpool program with university-owned vans carries 200 riders and 80 carpools carry an average of 160 employees.  A free shuttle service from the Metro station, a robust telework program, and transit subsidies up to $105 per month, all support GMU’s great results.

Discovery Communications – Silver Spring, MD

95 percent of Discovery’s employees participate in its Commuter Program, receiving benefits ranging from a $350 incentive for bicycling, to an annual $100 walking shoe allowance, a $60 monthly transit subsidy, and half-price parking for hybrids, carpools and vanpools. 

U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General – Arlington, VA

USPS OIG first adopted a Telework Program in 2001 and created a formal Smart Workplace policy allowing all 358 area employees the flexibility to telework by providing wireless communication tools including laptop computers and remote access.  A Virtual Front Office was established to manage customer inquiries and modern office designs have been adopted in certain field locations to promote collaboration, planning and motivation. 

COG is the association of 20 local governments working together for a better metropolitan region.  Additional information about the annual Commuter Connections Employer Recognition Awards and the 2006 winners can be found at

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