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COG Moves Greater Washington 2050 Plan Forward

Dec 12, 2007

Washington – The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Board of Directors approved a work plan for a major new initiative, “Greater Washington 2050,” that will guide regional and Mid-Atlantic development for decades.  It will develop, for the first time, a compact of regional planning goals that local governments will be asked to implement.  In addition, Greater Washington 2050 will measure regional progress in improving transportation links, environmental quality and the availability of affordable housing.  

As part of the future-focused initiative, COG also plans to reach out to neighboring regions such as Baltimore, MD, Richmond, VA, and Philadelphia, PA. 

“As our metropolitan Washington region continues to grow, our future is becoming intertwined with our Mid-Atlantic neighbors,” said David Robertson, COG Executive Director.  “Greater Washington 2050 will encourage area leaders to look at the bigger picture and anticipate our future needs 40 and 50 years down the road.”

Over the next month, COG will invite representatives from the public sector, business community, civic and environmental advocacy organizations to participate in the program, which will begin work in early 2008. 

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