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Commuter Connections Free Services Provide Relief from High Gas Prices

May 1, 2008

Washington, DC – There’s a quick and practical remedy for high gas prices:  visit to find ways to save money and time getting to work each day.  It’s free and easy to register and there are no commitments.  

Commuter Connections, a regional network of transportation organizations coordinated by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, is helping residents of Maryland, D.C. and Virginia cope with high gas prices by providing transportation alternatives to driving alone to work, including carpool ridematching services and information on other ways to get to work such as transit and bicycling. 

The Commuter Connections Ridematching Program provides residents with a free list of commuters who live and work near them, have similar work schedules, and are interested in carpooling or vanpooling to and from work.  The match list also provides information such as the closest park and ride lot, transit station and telework center to each resident’s home.   Commuters can register for this and other commuter friendly programs at and obtain lots of helpful information on other non gas-guzzling commuting options such as teleworking, bicycling and walking.

Now more than ever, residents of the Washington Metropolitan region are in search of smart and effective solutions to the tremendous expense of driving alone to work. “With the current high gasoline prices expected to go even higher,  Commuter Connections empowers solo drivers to slash  their commuting costs and go green by sharing a ride, bicycling or trying public transportation” said Nicholas Ramfos, director of Commuter Connections.

Residents who use transportation alternatives such as ridesharing, public transportation, or bicycling to work two or more days a week, are eligible to receive a free ride home in the event of an unexpected personal or family emergency or unscheduled overtime through the Commuter Connections Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program.

For more information on ridesharing, public transit and other Commuter Connections alternatives to paying up at the pump, visit or call 1 800 745-RIDE.

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