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COG, Area Urban Foresters Contribute to USDA's New People's Garden Project

Apr 22, 2009

Urban Wood Planter Boxes and Planks at USDA People's Garden.  Pictured: Robert Snieckus, USDA, John Thomas, Chief, DC Urban Forestry Administration, Chris & Pat Holmgren, Sawyers-Seneca Creek Joinery; Monica Lear, Deputy Chief, DC Urban Forestry Administration; John Crew, Director of Operations, USDA (photo by Brian LeCouteur, COG)

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack declared the entire grounds at the USDA Jamie L. Whitten Building as 'The People's Garden' on Earth Day and unveiled plans to create a sustainable landscape on the grounds.  The urban wood step planks and planters in the garden were provided through a partnership with the District of Columbia’s Urban Forestry Administration and COG’s Urban Forester, Brian LeCouteur.  Under a grant from the U.S. Forest Service's Wood Education and Resource Center, COG has been working with the region's urban foresters to make use of urban wood from local trees felled by storms and routine maintenance. 

COG staff coordinated the milling and construction of untreated urban wood for the raised planters.  Vegetable plants were installed in the planters and the garden site is landscaped with native trees and shrubs. By conforming to organic management in the creation of the garden and throughout the growing season, the first crops harvested will be entirely organic.

For more information on the garden, click here.  (USDA web site)

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