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COG Consulting with Regional Emergency Personnel, Elected Officials During Blizzard

Feb 20, 2010

Washington, D.C. - The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) is consulting with the region’s elected officials and emergency personnel to monitor weather conditions during the region’s second blizzard within several days.

Residents are urged to stay off the roads and call 911 in the event of an extreme emergency. People should not attempt to shovel snow from a flat roof because that is likely to cause an accident.

While power is being restored in many areas, residents should also avoid using unsafe space heaters that can tip over and cause fires.

COG Chairman Kwame R. Brown, At-Large Councilmember for the District of Columbia, also urged residents to check on neighbors who are elderly or disabled and might need their assistance.

“This is a time for neighbors to help neighbors in need,” Chairman Brown said. “I urge all residents to check on the region’s elderly, sick or disabled individuals and offer assistance. This is my personal mission today. I also want to thank the dedicated men and women who’ve been working around the clock to clear our streets and respond to emergencies.”

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