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The Morning Measure: The Future of Housing

Oct 26, 2010


As the foreclosure/mortgage debacle continues to unravel in the U.S. some are arguing that the engine for a potential recovery can be found in…housing? As odd as it may sound it could prove true.

Indeed we’re not talking about the type of housing that drove much of the bubble of the 2000s (large-lot single-family homes) but rather housing in dense walkable mixed-use activity centers – the exact type of development advocated in RF and necessary to handle the projected two million people moving to the region by 2050.

In addition to the climate and congestion-related benefits of prioritizing housing in activity centers interesting new research highlights some less obvious benefits such as reducing crime and increasing creative and academic output. Now it is necessary to pass strong legislation with teeth that creates incentives for developers to meet the strong consumer demand for such housing.

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