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The Morning Measure: In a partisan divide areas of potential cooperation emerge

Nov 4, 2010


With the midterm elections having come and gone talk has now shifted to what it means for the parties’ policy agendas. The question of how a divided government will impact climate and energy legislation health care and immigration is receiving a lot of attention in the media.

Although debates over those issues may devolve into nasty partisan bickering a couple of areas of interest to RF are getting attention as possible issues where the Democratic president and Senate can find common cause with the Republican House of Representatives. Given that transportation infrastructure projects are a proven economic stimulus Transportation for America an advocacy group argues that there is perhaps room for an expansion of competitive grant projects such as TIGER and TIGER II under the divided government.

Likewise a Washington Post article yesterday pointed to education reform which has strong support from many Republicans and Democrats as another area where the two sides could work together.


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